World Book Day

Our World Book Day workshops, activities, assemblies and author visits have been specially designed to help you and your pupils celebrate World Book Day 2022 by bringing your favourite books to life!

Whether you’re looking for a visit from the world's latest superhero (our very own Bookman), an opportunity to learn more about well-loved characters through drawing and illustration or some magical ways of inspiring pupils to tell their own tales, you’ll find something to suit you here. You can also purchase and download our Visit from Bookman teaching pack - providing more than two hours activity for every class in the school!

In-person, socially distanced school visits

World Book Day Assemblies

Assemblies are a great way, of course, of launching your World Book Day celebrations - and ours are guaranteed to create a buzz about reading! So while Bookman comes complete with his own assembly, we're happy to lead whole-school assemblies at the start of a day of any of our World Book Day workshops - and all at no extra cost!

A Celebration in Rhyme 

Working with up to 420 children to create and perform a School Poem in just one day!

A Celebration in Rhyme proved so popular last year that we’ve brought it back, bigger and better than ever, for 2021! Developed to support your pupils to use (in using?) verse to celebrate the stories they love, its unique approach allows every single class to contribute to writing and performing a collaborative School Poem in just one day!

"The visit was amazing,  Jay (Bookman!) was a fabulous start to the day with his assembly, which really caught the kids' imagination. I had staff coming to tell me they were shocked when he burst forth from the cupboard and surprised the hall. He was brilliant - and I'm especially impressed that he managed to work with children ranging from reception to Year 6s and entertained them all. It's created a great buzz around the school about reading which is brilliant in the week of world book day." (Jeavons Wood Primary)

A Visit from Bookman - Character Visit

The world’s newest superhero, Bookman has the extraordinary power of bringing stories to life – and he'll fly into your school all set to help your pupils in doing the same. Armed just with his trusty Book Bag, he'll make an unexpected appearance at an assembly before leading classes through a series of exciting, engaging and enticing drama-based workshops (all differentiated for age). And the outcomes? Connection-making, Freeze-Frames and Talking Tableaux, illustrating key narrative moments from a host of well-loved stories!

"Thank you so much for the brilliant experience given to the children on Monday. Bookman was great with the children, they all thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and the assembly in the morning. Having to be creative and use their imaginations reminded them about the enjoyment of reading." (Class Teacher, St Peter's Primary School)

"Thank you for sending 'bookman' to Thomson House on Friday.  He was a huge hit in assembly, particularly for the teachers who hadn't read the email about his arrival and had no idea what was going on! (Class Teacher, Thomson House School)

Paige Turner's Fiction Mission - Character Visit 

If the characters in our favourite stories only come to life when their tales are read, what would become of them if Mr Noah Magination got his way and had all books banned? Paige Turner is on a mission to save the fictional worlds that these characters live in and she’s going to need your pupils’ help. After introducing herself at a whole-school assembly, she’ll work with a number of classes, using age-differentiated drama approaches to bring some of their favourite characters to life, exploring what it is that makes them so wonderful and what we would stand to lose if we never had the chance to meet them in the first place. This is her only hope winning over Mr Magination and guaranteeing the survival of books and stories for future generations- and that hope lies in you!

"A massive thanks for the fantastic organisation of the event. Every member of staff I have spoken to only had really  positive things to say about Zoe and her workshops. The children were engaged and excited from the start and really promoted reading which was exactly what I wanted. Look forward to hopefully using as creatives again in the future!"


Scrambled Stories: The Return of Bookman/Paige Turner

Already enjoyed A Visit from Bookman or Paige Turner? Well, now you can now invite them back for 2020 with Scrambled Stories! … Your favourite book lover has a new problem this year – because their archenemy has managed to wreck some of the world’s best loved stories by changing tiny details. Imagine how dull the tale of Red Riding Hood would be if the Wolf had turned vegetarian - or how boring Jack and the Beanstalk would become if Jack didn’t get his hands on the magic beans! It’s up to your pupils to save the day, by inserting themselves into the stories and putting them back on track!


CSI: Bookmark 

The Book Review Competition at Little Podmore Library received record entries this year – but someone snuck in before judging was complete, and jumbled up all the entries! In a series of age-differentiated workshops, we’ll be asking your children to indulge in a frenzy of connection-making, using their knowledge of a range of well-loved tales to make sense of it all!

"Thank you for such a fantastic, creative and inspiring day. Every teacher gave me brilliant feedback and said how much the children enjoyed it.  My own class created some brilliant speech and thought bubbles inspired by bookman and one little boy who never writes wrote three sentences and came to find me to ask if he could write more!" (Hurst Green Infant School)

"The children and staff thought Bookman was brilliant and the children got a lot out of the visit. Organising a workshop for the whole school can sometimes be a little stressful but working with you and the rest of your team has been really easy and organised so thank you!" (Class Teacher, Shortstown Primary)


Author Visit - The Story of a Story - Where can you find a story seed and how do you help it to grow?

Join Sarah KilBride, author of the successful series Princess Evie’s Ponies, and follow the story of a story, from first sketches to publication. Sarah shares her notebooks and drafts, revealing where she finds her ideas and inspiration and introduces you to the team behind her books. Using a variety of drama and writing activities, join in the fun and embark on your very own story journey, creating the beginnings of a brand new adventure.


Poetry Workshop - Character Clerihews

Clerihews are four-line, fun and descriptive poems - and so a perfect vehicle for your pupils to recall what they know of characters from the stories they love and indulge in a little speculation - all while having fun with simile, metaphor and personification! We'll show them how this poetic form works, take them through a model or two, support them as they're creating their own verses - and even give tips on performance techniques!


Scenes from Shakespeare

Shakespeare was a superb storyteller - and his stories still survive unscathed today! These exciting workshops, though, take him back to his roots - by taking a dramatic approach to his work. Working with one of our professional drama specialists, pupils will get an actor’s-eye-view of one of his plays - and have a chance to taste the text too!

All of the workshops can be differentiated for age and require a minimum of 60 minutes (although we prefer longer) - preferably in a large space. You can choose from Macbeth, The Tempest, Romeo and Juliet, or A Midsummer Night’s Dream - and we’ll leave you with a whole host of suggestions for follow-up writing activities!

"The workshop was absolutely fantastic! All students were  engaged and entertained and the Shakespeare workshop was suitable for all abilities which was wonderful!" (Class Teacher, Thornleigh Salesian School) 


World Book Day 2021 Digital Packages

World Book Day Digital Packages include ...

We know that some schools still won’t be able to welcome visitors by World Book Day – so we’ve put together some amazing digital packages that allow pupils to enjoy and engage with our best loved character-led workshops without them ever having to set foot inside school. Each one provides two - three hours of activity for every class from EYFS to Year 6/P1 – P7, and comes complete with introductory and celebratory films featuring Bookman, Paige Turner or Polly the Poet themselves!


Bookman and the World of Stories

Bryan Buckman is a contented librarian who, with the help of his friend Betty, can transform himself into homemade superhero Bookman – with the power to bring stories to life! Unfortunately, though, there’s just one blot on the landscape … The village grump, hates anything that sparks people’s imaginations – and that includes books! He’s managed to wipe Bookman’s memory clean of all the stories he knew in the world – which is causing no end of trouble. Bookman wants the children to help him begin rebuilding his memory …


Paige Turner and the Book Campaign

Paige Turner is happy-go-lucky bookshop owner with a real passion for books and stories! She believes absolutely in their power to improve our lives! However she has a problem … Her neighbour, Noah Magination, doesn’t want children to have imaginations because he thinks children should never have any fun. And he’s gone so far as to has set up a campaign to ban book and stories in schools. Paige wants to remind him how wonderful the characters in books are – but she can only do this with the children’s support!


Polly the Poet

Polly the Poet firmly believes that everyone has poetry in them – and she sees poetry everywhere in everything! So she’s made it her mission in life to help other people find their inner poets too – in contrast with her friend, who doesn’t get it at all. She wants to help him find the magic of poetry – and she knows that the children will be able to help her write poems that bring what we can see to life!

"Live" Workshops

Poetry Live!

These special, “streamed” workshops last up to an hour at a time – and, as they can lead to poems on any subject of your choice, provide a fantastic way of linking poetry to other areas of the curriculum! After being introduced to one of our favourite poems and the subject of theirs, pupils will be guided through a drama activity designed to support them in developing their ideas. Experimenting with rhyme, rhythm and pace, they’ll then get the opportunity to write and perform their own verses. In primary schools younger children will contribute to some collaborative poetry – with older pupils composing their own Character Clerihews! 


"A massive thanks for the fantastic organisation of the event. Every member of staff I have spoken to only had really  positive things to say about Zoe and her workshops. The children were engaged and excited from the start and really promoted reading which was exactly what I wanted. Look forward to hopefully using as creatives again in the future!" (Teacher, Pinkwell Primary)


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