School Workshops

School Workshops

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Maths Workshops

Tapping into pupils’ own creativity, our unashamedly fun Creative Maths workshops for EYFS - KS4 pupils, engage, motivate and, crucially, challenge the children and young people we work with. Workshops include: CSI: Maths, The Pirate's Challenge, Big Maths, The Trading Game and Outdoor Maths...

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Science Workshops

Our Creative Science workshops for schools provide an excellent way of engaging students with science and supporting them in understanding the world (and worlds) around them. These exciting programmes provide an amazing way of promoting science, cementing pupils’ subject knowledge, explaining difficult concepts and introducing new content...

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Literacy Workshops

Experiential, exciting and empowering, our imaginative and cross-curricular approaches harness tried and trusted approaches from the worlds of drama, visual art and creative writing. Approaches specifically developed to support pupils in developing their reading and writing skills – and to boost motivation, build on existing knowledge and enhance progression...

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Poetry Workshops

Our best-selling poetry workshops are available all year round as well as on key annual events such as; World Poetry DayWorld Book Day, National Poetry Day and Shakespeare Week. And don’t forget that it’s often possible to mix-and-match two or more workshops over one or more days!...

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 History Workshops

Including larger than life, interactive performances, open-ended workshops and more intimate classroom-based sessions, our unique range of Creative History Workshops and Shows for Primary Schools offers pupils privileged perspectives on the lives of people in the past – and asks important questions about ways that the past has affected the present...

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Shakespeare Workshops

Celebrate Shakespeare in your school with an interactive drama-based workshop from As Creatives! Our highly interactive Shakespeare workshops for Schools, all delivered by professional theatre practitioners, actively build on prior knowledge to support pupils in understanding Shakespeare’s stories and characters – and we certainly don’t shy away from the verse!...

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Big Secondary Days

Both challenging and engaging, a Big Secondary Day gives your students opportunities to practice key life skills in some very different contexts whilst still having clear curriculum connections and outcomes – and so represents excellent value for money.

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Other School Workshops include...



Our Year 6 Transition workshops for primary schools have been developed to support children in celebrating their time at your school, to consider both the fresh opportunities that transition brings them and explore ways of overcoming any challenges they might meet.

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Our Big Enterprise Days allow us to provide a full day of workshops for up to 300 students from a single year group!

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After School Drama Clubs

After School Drama

Our after-school Drama clubs provide the perfect opportunity for children to enjoy, and benefit from, a range of activities including drama games, improvisation, choral speaking, script reading and performance.

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We know that schools want their pupils to enjoy the festive season – but also to keep learning going right through to the end of the autumn term. Which is why our range of cross-curricular, School Christmas workshops always proves so popular! Once again, we’ve got workshops with a seasonal take on numeracy, literacy, science and history – with something for EYFS, KS1 and KS2!

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Holocaust Memorial Day

Holocaust Memorial Day, marked all over the world, is one of the most important days in the calendar.  It takes a different theme each year - and on and around January 27th we’re able to offer three different programmes to primary and secondary schools, all designed to explore the theme - and all accommodating up to 30 pupils at a time.

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Literacy Workshops

Summer Schools

Our Summer School workshops allow you to create tailored maths, science or literacy-based creative days – or your own cross-curricular programmes – and we will always try to incorporate any theme or topic you may be exploring.

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