As Creatives Connect opens up a whole world of primary school activities and resources, all designed to support learning and extend thinking through promoting pupil creativity. 

Whole-school WOW days are a fantastic way to bring the school community together in a shared learning experience. Including Space, Football and Pirates, each of our Extraordinary Worlds provides a whole day (and more!) of amazing themed activity for every year group, including opening (and closing) assemblies. You can construct your menu from the wealth of maths, literacy, science and history activities we’ve provided (all firmly rooted in the curriculum), or work to one of our suggested structures - but either way will allow you and your pupils to access and engage with the immersive approaches we have developed in more than twelve years working directly In schools (and with more than a million pupils so far!).

Our Extraordinary Worlds include: The Extraordinary World of PiratesThe Extraordinary World of Space The Extraordinary World of Food and The Extraordinary World of Football - with more worlds being added each half-term!

Set up to improve the futures of children everywhere by placing creativity at the heart of teaching and learning, As Creatives has been supporting schools since 2008. Since then, we have designed and delivered highly engaging and curriculum-rich activities, working directly with well over a million children. And As Creatives Connect now allows you to use our activities, approaches and resources yourselves, drawing from a bank of ideas that will grow term by term, year by year, both reflecting our commitment to continually exploring new ideas and offering excellent value for money.

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