Through sheer head work, Trevi Times made his dream come true – by opening his own Italian restaurant, Times’ Tables Trattoria! But with his team of chefs wasting too much food (and spending too much money), that dream is on the verge of turning into a nightmare. If only there were some children who could use their knowledge and understanding of their times tables to help him keep his trattoria open …

Featuring opening and closing assemblies, workshops and in-class challenges, Times’ Tables Trattoria gives pupils opportunities to use their times tables in context – and see how they really count. The programmes has a clear focus on multiplication, division and commutative law – with problem solving to the fore, too! And Trevi is able to accommodate the whole of a two-form entry primary school in a single day.

Exploring: times tables, additive and multiplicative reasoning, fractions, percentages, money, problem solving - selected for each age group (EYFS - Y6 / P1 - P7) in line with National Curriculum / Curriculum for Excellence objectives.

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