Our Year 6 Transition workshops for primary schools have been developed to support children in celebrating their time at your school, to consider both the fresh opportunities that transition brings them and explore ways of overcoming any challenges they might meet. Each workshop culminates in artistic outcomes. 

Memory Lane – Year 6 Leavers Show 

Working with professional theatre practitioners, your Year 6 pupils will be supported in remembering the things they’ve learnt, people they’ve met and the places they’ve been to while they’ve been at your primary school. They’ll then be introduced to a structure which will allow you and them to devise and script their very own year 6 leavers show. You’ll need to carry on rehearsing after we’ve gone  - but you’ll have all the elements in place to produce a performance that’s guaranteed to wet the eyes of every member of the audience!

Outcomes: Personalised, tailored performance – but with a structure you can adapt for use in future years; opportunities for parents / carers / families to share in their children’s happy memories; acquisitioned skills in script writing, performance and stage management.

Cross Curricular links: literacy, Art, Music


Creating Clay Heads

What do sculptors do to transform a misshapen lump of clay into an animated mask? This workshop leads children through a step-by-step process allowing them to design their own lifelike (if scaled down) clay heads – that can later be painted and taken home.

Outcomes: Individualised clay heads designed and hand-crafted by the children; a consideration of personal strengths; an exploration of the changes that moving to the juniors might bring; an increased understanding of narrative structure.

Cross-Curricular Links: Art, literacy


"Thanks for your energy and enthusiasm – were really looking forward to the final performance" (Year 6 teacher, Mosspits Primary School)


Banners of Life

Using a range of drawing techniques, children will explore through participatory art the theme of transition. After working individually to create their own fabric ‘tiles’, they’ll collaborate again to produce an overarching design for a rich and stimulating collective banner that can be displayed in the school.

Outcomes: Individualised fabric tiles designed and hand-crafted by the children (which will then be produced into a collective banner); a consideration of personal strengths; an exploration of the changes that moving to the juniors might bring.

Cross-Curricular Links: Art, literacy, DT

“I really can’t speak highly enough of what the as creatives team put together for my class – we’re really hoping to work with you again in the future!” (Class Teacher)


The Power of Puppets

Your Year 6 pupils will be amazed at how easy it is to make our engaging and colourful puppets from textiles, found materials and everyday objects. And you will be too, as they develop their mascots into characters who can guide them through life’s changes – and create simple puppet shows in which there are no hurdles that can’t be leaped!

Outcomes: Individualised textile puppets designed and hand-crafted by the children; increased motivation towards problem solving; increased peer support; increased understanding of narrative structure.

Cross-Curricular Links: Art, literacy, DT


Putting it into Words

We all know how difficult it can be to identify our own experiences and put them into words - so this delightful workshop helps Year 6s think back on their years with you through the “eyes” of a range of inanimate objects that have witnessed them growing up - the clock in the hall, perhaps, or the goalposts on the yard! We’ll support them in recalling the sounds, sights and scents of the past this way, then guide them through a process that will allow them to craft poignantly evocative poems. And in longer workshops we’ll give some guidance on performance, too, so that their verses can be shared with others.

Cross-Curricular Links: Art, literacy


Thinking Back, Looking Forward

As your Year 6s look forward to the next phase of their lives, this workshop offers them space to reflect on what they’ve gained from primary school and what they’re looking forward to about secondary school - all while creating a tangible legacy for those who will follow them. After participating in creative activities allowing them to reflect on both the past and the future, they’ll design, mould and paint clay tiles representing their thoughts - tiles that can be then laid out in school for others to see.

Cross-Curricular Links: Art, literacy, DT

 "Jackson's approach was relaxed but well-paced. He quickly realised the ability of the children and responded to that." (Class Teacher)


Although we’ve given examples of topics, we’re also able to work with you to design your own Transition workshop! 

"From booking to presenting, the whole team have been very professional and friendly. I would recommend them to anyone!" Class Teacher


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