Our Year 6 Transition workshops for primary schools have been developed to support children in celebrating their time at your school, considering both the fresh opportunities that transition brings them and exploring ways of overcoming any challenges they might meet. Most of the workshops culminate in artistic outcomes. 

You can also find out more about our Summer School workshops here. 

Memory Lane

Your Year 6 pupils will surprise themselves as they work with us to realise just how much they’ve learnt since they’ve been at your primary school, just how many people they’ve met – and just how many places they’ve been to (both literally and metaphorically!). Gathering everything together, we’ll then introduce them to drama techniques designed to crystalise their memories – and reflect on all the skills and values that they’ll take with them on the next stage of their journey. This is, of course, all hugely valuable in itself – but if you’re thinking of staging a Leavers’ Show, you’ll also have all the elements in place to put together a performance guaranteed to wet the eyes of every member of the audience!

Outcomes: teamwork, improved drama skills, reflection.

Cross-Curricular Links: literacy, drama, PSHE.

“You were absolutely amazing and have inspired all the children and teachers. Thank you for sharing your talents with us!” (Class Teacher, Rickleton Primary)


Bags of Confidence

Specially developed to promote conversations and laughter around learning (in the past, the present and the future), skills and values. Bags of Confidence challenges your Year 6s to work in teams on an independent carousel exploring different areas of the curriculum that they’ll be studying next year. In a fun, active and engaging way, it asks them to apply what they already know, make connections and reflect on what they personally bring to life. And, most importantly of all, it also succeeds in reminding them of the true centre of any school: its pupils. Find out more about Bags of Confidence here. 

Outcomes: teamwork, recall of prior knowledge, personal reflection, increased resilience in tackling open questions.

Cross-Curricular Links: maths, science, literacy, history, geography, MFL, art, DT, RE, PE, drama, PSHE.


Thinking Back, Looking Forward

As your Year 6s prepare for the next phase of their lives, this workshop offers them space to reflect on what they’ve gained from primary school and what they’re looking forward to about secondary school - all while creating a tangible legacy. This poignant yet inspiring workshop will use a range of drama activities to support them in both reflecting on their time at primary school and look forward to life in Year 7 – then support them in encapsulating all this in their own, very personal poems. And we’ve chosen the structure of the cinquaine especially for the programme – as it actively models ideas of growth.

Outcomes: teamwork, reflection, understanding of the relationship between form and function in poetic structures.

Cross-Curricular Links: literacy, drama, PSHE.


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