Covid 19 Catch Up Premium Funding – Workshops and Programmes


Secondary Schools

Catch Up has never been more important - or more urgent - after the havoc the pandemic has played with many children’s learning. And our Catch Up programmes are the perfect hook to re-engage them. With a selection of carefully chosen workshops from our highly engaging, tried and tested maths, literacy and science ranges, packed full of curriculum content, we can offer anything from tailored packages for particular cohorts to a day or more of subject-specific offerings for whole year groups. You can also find out more about our Catch Up Summer School programmes 2022 here. 

One Day Programme

summer school programmes

Maths: The Trading Game

Literacy: CSI: Reading Skills

Science: Journeys into Space

Downloadable log books!

Two Day Programme

Summer School Catch Up Programme

Maths: The Trading Game and The Bunker

Literacy: CSI: Reading Skills and Spotlight on Shakespeare

Science: Journeys into Space and Seven Innovations that Changed the World

Downloadable log books!

Three Day Programme 

Summer School Catch Up

Maths: The Trading Game, The Bunker and CSI: Bake Off

Literacy: CSI: Reading Skills, Spotlight on Shakespeare and Poetry in Sight

Science: Journeys into Space, Seven Innovations that Changed the World and CSI: Forces

Includes the Drama Olympics! 


Primary Schools

Many children are still struggling to re-engage with their learning after all the disruption they’ve suffered over the last eighteen months. Which is where our Catch Up programmes for primary schools come in! Fun and contextualised, yet packed full of curriculum content, they provide the perfect launchpad for reinvigorating pupils. We can help your Catch Up initiative across all key subjects, with maths workshops, including CSI: Michaela Maths), such literacy input as Celebrations in Rhyme) and science sessions, including Journeys into Space. And we’re always on hand to help put together the perfect menu for your pupils!


The past year and a half has been a difficult time for pupils with special educational needs. Although schools have continued to provide for many of these children and young people throughout the pandemic, there has been inevitable disruption to both their learning and the structures and routines that help many of them feel safe. Our engaging and undeniably catchy Catch Up programmes, though, can help you repair some of the damage that’s been done, by re-engaging these pupils with their learning and supporting them in regaining lost or broken social skills. And, with vast experience of working in the sector, we’re able to work with you to match the right workshops to the right pupils!

EYFS  / P1

It’s sobering to think that those young children in EYFS / P1 settings can’t remember life before the pandemic. Many of them are still unused to - and unsettled by - working with and playing alongside other children, many have been affected by the anxiety of the adults around them - and many, still not having been to a whole-school assembly yet, know little of life in school beyond their own classrooms! We’re ideally placed, though, to support you in making these young children feel more secure in both their formal and social learning - with a range of catchy Catch Up programmes - in maths, literacy, science and history. It’s time these children were able to learn to live normal lives again - and we’re here to help!

Extraordinary Worlds

Bubbles. One-way systems. Staggered start, break, lunch and finish times. Restrictions on shared resources. It’s been a long time since schools felt like the inter-connected, mutually supportive communities they used to be - the communities teachers want them to be! Which is where our Extraordinary Worlds packages come in - by making it easy for every member of staff to be part of and deliver whole-school, themed Wow days, allowing every child in every class to be part of a special, shared experience. In fact, each package comes complete with resources and instructions for enough curriculum-led activities for more than a day - covering maths, science, literacy and history, and including assembly plans, introductory films and suggested timetables. We all want schools to be the cohesive, coherent collective communities they used to be - so why not look into Extraordinary Worlds today?

Get in touch

Our workshops include in-person sessions, as well as live streamed workshops beamed straight into your classroom - and downloadable resource packages which allow you to host your own creative learning catch up day. Contact us on 0151 708 8886 or email for more information and to reserve your date! 

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