National Storytelling Week organised by The Society for Storytelling will take place between the 27th January - 3rd February 2018. If you are looking to celebrate this week in your school then we have a number of cross-curricular workshops that promote a love of storytelling! Read on for more details...


Literacy: A Visit from Bookman - Character visit

The world’s newest superhero, Bookman, has the extraordinary power of bringing stories to life – and he’ll fly into your school all set to help your pupils in doing the same. Armed just with his trusty Book Bag, he’ll make an unexpected appearance at an assembly before leading classes through a series of exciting, engaging and enticing drama workshops (all differentiated for age). And the outcomes? A series of powerfully persuasive dramas promoting their chosen stories!


Literacy: Bookman Rides Again! 

If you enjoyed A Visit from Bookman last year, who not invite the homemade superhero back in 2018 – for Bookman Rides Again! After reacquainting himself with the children at an assembly, he’ll meet each year group in turn, challenging them, in age-appropriate ways to tell the story of the day he found himself inside one of the books from his library! Using a range of drama approaches, they’ll weave magical narratives combining well-known stories and Bookman himself – and he’ll even leave you with his Top Tips for Follow-Up Writing!


The Story that Saved the Day

Although the many tales of soldiers’ lives being saved by books stopping bullets are almost certainly apocryphal, stories do have the power to Save the Day. From helping us identify with people like ourselves to unleashing our imaginations to roam in fantastical worlds, books and their authors really can change our lives for the better. Beginning with a whole-school assembly in which we share with your pupils a book that’s shaped our lives, The Story That Saved the Day leads into a series of workshops in which pupils consider and/or invent other transformative stories – and celebrate them through visual art.


Maths: CSI: Storyland (EYFS, KS1)

With the help of the elves, the Shoemaker’s fortunes have been restored – and all is well in Storyland. Until, that is, his precious last is stolen! Which of his neighbours could have taken it? After using storytelling techniques to introduce pupils to the crime and the suspects, we'll share with them a range of clues left at the scene. They'll then use their sorting and numeracy skills to reveal the identity of the miscreant!

Was it Goldilocks, the Billy Goats Gruff, Little Miss Muffet, the Little Pigs or Red Riding Hood? It’s up to you to find out!

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