One of the UK's leading providers of Creative Maths workshops to primary and secondary schools. Over half a million children and young people have taken part in one of our Creative Maths workshops. 

All of our Primary maths workshops have been carefully designed to both put into context and actively promote the three keystones of the National Curriculum: fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Tapping into pupils' own creativity, our unashamedly fun workshops engage, motivate and, crucially, challenge the children and young people we work with.

Rooted in drama and storytelling, our maths activity days offer opportunities to practise skills with numbers, shapes and concepts in exciting, imaginative and interactive ways. All are differentiated for age - while some also offer the possibility of differentiating for ability within a single class. And all, of course, offer you and your colleagues the chance to experience some exciting new methodologies that can immediately and easily be adapted to other contexts.

And, to fully capitalise on the new approaches you'll have seen in action, why not end your day with either a Creative Maths Twilight for staff or our innovative Family Maths workshop? Both are highly experiential and outcomes-driven, so our CPD offers allow you to try out some new methodologies - whilst Family Maths brings home in a fun and unthreatening way the value of maths in real life.  And, by booking one of these at the end of a day of our workshops with pupils, you'll get it all for a fraction of the usual price! Read on to discover our full range of primary maths workshops for schools. Maths workshops for secondary schools can be viewed here.

"The children had a wonderful time and every year group was inspired, challenged and excited by the activity and Jackson’s approach. We found the idea of the workshops so clever and there was such a variety of maths involved. In 14 years of teaching, it’s the best workshop I’ve seen!" St Mary's Hare Park

There are three options for School Workshops during Autumn Term

Digital Maths Workshops

Three Whole School Maths packages to choose from: The Race into Space, The Riddle of the Sphinx and The Benefactor.  Includes all resources required to deliver your own whole school "wow" Maths day - offering fantastic value for money! find out more here

Maths Workshops in your School

Socially distanced maths workshops delivered in your school. We've adapted some of our most popular workshops to allow us to work safely with smaller groups and in compliance with individual schools’ Covid-19 policies. Please get in touch to discuss how we could work in your school. Workshops are listed below. View our Covid-19 policy here. 

CSI: Maths Live!

Enjoy one of our CSI: Maths workshops beamed live into your classrooms by one of our expert team of practitioners. Bookings can be for as little as one hour, with one class, but up to a whole day! We're happy to deliver these sessions over whichever digital platform your school is using. Find out more here

Maths Workshops for Schools - Book with Confidence 

We are now taking bookings for in-school workshops during Autumn / Winter term 2020/21 and are offering schools total flexibility with dates, allowing you to change dates if needed as a result of the ongoing public health crisis. Read our Covid-19 Booking with Confidence policy here. 


Whole School Maths: The Pirate's Challenge 

Piratical fun with numbers and shapes - for up to 420 pupils in a single day!

Captain Morgan will be more than a little confused on arriving at school - because just a few hours beforehand this mathematical Pirate will have been on The Good Ship Mathematics, in the middle of the Caribbean! Swept to your school by a Time Tornado, the Captain will need the pupils’ help to get back to the right time and place. Are they up to the Challenge? And it’s a Challenge that will test their understanding of number, shape and direction to the max.

Exploring: both additive and multiplicative reasoning, fractions, number patterns, mental and written calculation, elimination, 2D and 3D shapes, measurement, interpreting data, positional language, co-ordinates.

"Captain Morgan character really engaged the children and provided a fun element to the day. The children gained a love of learning, resilience in problem solving, team work and an opportunity to ask questions.  We had a great experience and would certainly be keen to book again!" Harvington First School

"Fabulous! As a maths specialist I had a great day and it was lovely to hear the children so excited about it. 11 out of 10 - couldn't rate it any higher!" St Aidan's CE Primary School


Whole-School Maths: The Riddle of the Sphinx 

Making ‘measurement’ concrete in the pyramids  - accommodating up to 420 pupils in a day!

Our resident archaeologist, Dr Colorado Smith, has returned from Egypt with some exciting news - he's now collected all the clues required to solve the age old Riddle of the Sphinx - and open the Inner Sanctum in the Valley of the Kings. But as he can't do it by himself, he's on the lookout for schools to help him!

Featuring opening and closing assemblies, workshops and in-class challenges, The Riddle of the Sphinx takes pupils through three stages of mathematical thinking: concrete, pictorial and abstract. And while there's a definite focus on "measurement", the programme covers a whole range of other areas - and can accommodate the whole of a two-form entry school in a single day!

Exploring: measurement, additive and multiplicative reasoning, patterns and sequences, properties of 2D and 3D shapes, money, time, Roman numerals, percentages, problem solving - selected for each age group in line with National Curriculum objectives.

“The children were buzzing about it all week and realised that Maths can be fun! I would highly recommend it and would not hesitate to use you again in the future." St Benedict’s Primary

"We absolutely loved our day solving the Riddle of the Sphinx. It definitely created a huge buzz in the school!" Broadsquare Primary School

Whole-School Maths: The Benefactor

Money-based maths fun for up to 420 pupils in a single day!

Eccentric millionaire Benny Factor has amassed a fortune over the last few years – and it’s now time to give something back to a village that’s very close to his heart: Amberton. The trouble is, though, that with so many community groups within the village to choose from, he can’t quite decide how to carve his money up! And that’s where you come in, as your pupils help him draw up a series of budgets …

Featuring opening and closing assemblies, workshops and classroom-based challenges, The Benefactor provides children with a great opportunity to practise their understanding and skills with money in an engaging and entertaining context – and can cater for the whole of up to a two-form entry primary school in just a single day.

Exploring: values and denominations of British notes and coins, money notation, pricing and concepts of “change”, additive and multiplicative reasoning, patterns and sequences, properties of 2D shapes, fractions, percentages, problem solving - selected for each age group in line with Curriculum objectives.

""The children absolutely loved the day, and all year groups were completely invested in it. The whole day ran brilliantly, and I cannot speak highly enough about Chris - he was a pleasure to work with, and was excellent with both the children and adults - he absolutely made the day as special as it was. We have also received positive feedback from parents, who enjoyed the family maths workshop, and as a school we were blown away by the attendance!" St. Philip’s Catholic Primary School

“Lots of staff across the school have found me to say how much they enjoyed it and it was really good to see a workshop which wasn't just fun but educational. They all felt it had a really strong impact on the children” (Deptford Park Primary School)

Whole School Maths: The Race into Space

Our most challenging programme, taking maths to the stars - for up to 420 pupils in a single day!

The search is on for Britain's next astronaut - and Major Tom wants your pupils' help in selecting the best person for the job. He's found six well-suited candidates, all with different qualifications - but it's up to you to decide which one will win The Race into Space!  

After meeting the Major at an opening assembly, and being introduced to the would-be astronauts, each class will be issued with a Mission: to use their maths skills to rank the candidates on one of a number of qualities. Each Mission calls on pupils to demonstrate mathematical fluency, reasoning and problem-solving abilities - and is in line with National Curriculum objectives for their year group. The Major will be on hand to visit each classroom with some vital, additional information - and the programme ends with a second assembly in which each class reports back its findings and helps whittle the field down to just one: Britain's next astronaut.

This exciting and engaging workshop provides an ideal platform for one or two-form entry schools to enjoy a shared maths experience - and learn something about the science of space travel too! 

Suitable for: Reception - Year 6 (one or two-form entry schools)

Duration: one day

Exploring: a range of skills in data handling and/or numerical operations and/or understanding shape - selected for each year group in line with National Curriculum objectives.

“Thanks very much for the pirate maths day with our children - which was thoroughly enjoyed -  and we continued the pirate theme with both maths and literacy!" St Cecilia's Infant School

“The pupils really enjoyed the pirate’s challenge and the CSI: Maths. It really inspired our pupils to think creatively about Maths and having a pirate at school for the day was also a big hit!" All Saints Primary School


CSI: Maths 

A series of challenging mysteries to engage your students and get them thinking logically

Combining murder mysteries and problem-solvingCSI: Maths is one of our most popular ranges – offering pupils opportunities to apply their skills in, and understanding of shape and measurement in a unique environment. Each workshop can accommodate up to 30 pupils per session and you can choose from:

CSI: Storyland (EYFS, KS1)
With the help of the elves, the Shoemaker’s fortunes have been restored – and all is well in Storyland. Until, that is, his precious last is stolen! Which of his neighbours could have taken it? After using storytelling techniques to introduce pupils to the crime and the suspects, we'll share with them a range of clues left at the scene. They'll then use their sorting and numeracy skills to reveal the identity of the miscreant!

Was it Goldilocks, the Billy Goats Gruff, Little Miss Muffet, the Little Pigs or Red Riding Hood? It’s up to you to find out!

CSI: Michaela Maths  (Years 3 - 6)
If it hadn’t been for the quick thinking of one of her teammates, Michaela Maths, one of Britain’s most promising young athletes, would be dead – slain by an unseen hand! The police are baffled by the dastardly deed – and want the children’s help in solving it. Having been introduced to the crime, the suspects and their possible motives, pupils will work in teams on a carousel probing a range of mathematical skills. Taken together, these lead to the suspects being eliminated, one by one – until, if all the calculations are correct, the criminal is unmasked. 

CSI: Bake-Off (Years 3 - 6)
All is not well in the world of the Bake Off – one of the judges, Saul Pinewood, has had food poisoning – and he knows it wasn’t an accident! He’s narrowed the field down to six suspects – and hopes that pupils can use their understanding of fractions, percentages and measurements to help him take the final step.

CSI: Tunes - Maths and the Murky World of Music (Years 3 – 6) up to eight classes in a day

Music industry mogul Harry Wilson has made more than a few enemies in his time - and now one of them has succeeded in making life difficult for him! So who was it who hacked into Harry's precious database, deleting all his business contacts in one fell swoop? Means, motive and opportunity will all have to be factored in as pupils investigate this calculated act of sabotage. Was it Viola de Clerc, the classical violinist? DJ Grime, the garage specialist - or popster Betty B? Boy band Heaven Sent are in the mix as well, as is New Punk exponent Polly Ester - not forgetting Country and Western star Jake Carew!

This exciting and fast-paced workshop invites pupils to pit their wits against the criminal by using their data handling and number skills to reveal his - or her - identity.

CSI: Ancient Greek Maths (Years 3 – 6)
Mount Olympus is in turmoil – because someone has stolen Zeus’s thunderbolt! We're on the trail of the culprit – but need your help to put all the pieces together as you collate and interpret the data. Mixing maths with mythology, this is definitely one of our more challenging workshops!

CSI: Saxon Maths (Years 4 - 6)
Alfred the Great has burnt the cakes … or has he? Test your understanding of number, shape and time as you help right the wrongs of history – and work out who framed him!

CSI: Olympics (Years 3 - 6)
This exciting new addition to our CSI: Maths range has been designed to support you in capitalising on the growing interest in next year's Tokyo Olympics and engaging your pupils in some undercover maths. The team of Olympians from the tiny country of Berellia is in turmoil. They're all cyclists, you see - and someone has sabotaged each and every one of their bikes! So children will have to delve deep into the murky underworld of the velodrome as they survey the crime scene, examine the evidence and sift through the suspects - all in a bid to crack The Case of the Criminal Cyclists!

Exploring: sorting, sequencing, elimination, additive reasoning, multiplicative reasoning, number patterns, fractions, percentages, 2D and 3D shapes, plans and elevations, measurement and units of measurement, collecting and interpreting data, positional language, time, problem-solving.

“The students thoroughly enjoyed the workshops.  The KS2 children in particular loved the idea of being CSI investigators. We had parents feedback to us that their children had spent a long time explaining every little detail of their investigation and how much they had enjoyed it." Vine Tree Primary School

"Thank you so much for the brilliant Maths workshops, the children absolutely loved them and the teachers thought they were fab too!" Thomas’s London Day School, Clapham


Whole School Maths: The Captain's Conundrum 

A pirate-themed whole school maths challenge 

Captain Morgan, of the Good Ship Mathematics, has a conundrum … there’s treasure to be found on Cloud Island, there's a map – and a set of clues. But they’re clues that no-one on The Good Ship Mathematics can make head nor tail of. The Captain will meet all the children at an assembly (or, if space doesn’t allow, two consecutive gatherings) and challenge them to conquer the conundrum.
During the course of the day, the Captain will give each year group an age-appropriate set of clues to unearth a particular piece of treasure – and warm them up with one of his piratical maths drama games. Then everyone reconvenes in a meeting (or two meetings) at the end of the day to share their findings - and advise the Captain on what to buy for his expedition. Content is in line with the National Curriculum requirements and will include different age-appropriate activities for each year group. And the programme has been developed to accommodate the whole of up to a three-form entry school in a single day!

Exploring (according to age): both additive and multiplicative reasoning, fractions, number patterns, mental and written calculation, elimination, 2D and 3D shapes, measurement, interpreting data, positional language, co-ordinates.

"The children were very excited - and all the teachers I spoke to commented how great it was to have an opportunity to step back a little and reflect on the children’s problem solving and using and applying skills.” New Brighton Primary

“Thank you for a wonderful day. Right across the school the children were fully engaged throughout." Servite RC Primary School, London

Captain Morgan and the Maths Monster

Using understanding and knowledge of shape to beat a creature from the deep!

You’ve already helped Captain Richard Morgan crack The Pirate’s Challenge, so now he’s back with another mystery to solve – what exactly is the monster that’s been attacking the pirate village on Number Island? No-one’s ever seen it (it only comes out at night) – but it’s left plenty of clues in its wake. And by measuring its paw-print, examining its poo and analysing its bite, your pupils will be able to use our unique Shape Sets to create an accurate picture of the beast – and help Captain Morgan devise a cunning plan to defeat it!

This programme is perfect  for those schools who have already hosted and enjoyed the Pirate's Challenge day and would like another pirate-themed maths day!

Exploring (according to age): measurements, number investigations, additive and multiplicative reasoning, time, positional language, properties of 2D and 3D shapes, problem solving.

Duration: 1 – 2½ hours, depending on how many classes

"A huge thank you to the as creatives team for a great workshop on ‘the race to space', as always, Jackson was super! - the children all loved the workshops, as did the teachers- they were creative and mathematical." Cameron House School

Murderous Maths 

Interactive problem solving for up to 180 pupils (with follow-up workshops for up to 90)

It's exactly 100 years to the day since the grisly demise of Puffing Billy – and this unique workshop allows up to 180 children from Years 1 to 6 attempt to crack the case at the same time. After everyone’s been introduced to the crime scene, the victim and the suspects (and been armed with Evidence Booklets), children will take part in a series of age-differentiated challenges - revolving around such clues as omnibus tickets, diaries and timepieces. As pupils practise their maths skills, the suspects will be whittled down one by one – until only the criminal remains.

But there’s still more to do – because there's yet another Maths Mystery to be unravelled. A job that will be undertaken in up to three follow-up workshops, each for up to 30 pupils.

We also have versions of Murderous Maths for two and three-form entry schools - just ask for details!

Exploring (according to age): positional language, properties of 2D and 3D shapes, additive and multiplicative reasoning, fractions, number patterns, time, multi-stage problem solving, money, data collection.

Duration: one day.

"The kids were so engaged and loved the different problem solving activities.  Would definitely book again!" Tidbury Green Primary

“5 *  - A huge thank you for bringing Murderous Maths to River View Primary School! It was a wonderful way to engage and motivate the children with problem solving and reasoning! We would definitely book again!" Riverview Primary


Number Patterns: The Bunker

A fast-paced workshop contextualising sequencing and making connections between maths and other subjects

At the heart of maths, of course, lies the ability to identify, analyse and predict patterns. so, inspired by the work of Alan Turing and his fellow mathematicians at Bletchley Park during World War II, The Bunker is based in cryptology – the writing and reading of codes. Appealing to all age and ability ranges, The Bunker has a simple premise. Working in teams, and at their own pace, students need to identify as closely as possible the location of a Enemy Radio Transmitter by cracking a series of increasingly fiendish numeric, geometric and semiotic ciphers. The more codes they crack, the more precisely they’ll be able to pin the Transmitter down. 

Exploring (according to year group and time): number relationships, empirical thinking, properties of 2D shapes, sequences and patterns, Rebus codes, Saesar Shifts, Key words and semiotics. 

Duration: 2 lessons – half a day

Suitable for: up to 30 pupils at a time

"A huge thank you, for an amazing day, enjoyed by all. This day served as a platform to build our STEM Week on, which got all the children enthused from the onset. The children could see how exciting and fun Maths can be and relate it to everyday life, which is so important. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and the assembly and learned so much from them.  All the children were engaged on their tasks; the work itself, both served to support and stretch, enabling all children to be involved." Stickland’s Primary School

The Viking's Quest

A lively, character-based workshop posing students real life numeracy challenges 

Numbers, shapes and co-ordinates were all important to the Vikings – as your pupils will discover when Hagar the Hunter turns up in your school.  He’s been travelling for centuries – seeking help from anyone he meets. Because it won’t be till he cracks the Riddle of the Runes that he can release his village’s children from the clutches of a mighty dragon. By taking part in a series of interactive challenges, your children will be able to help him – but they’ll need to use all their problem solving skills!

Exploring: both additive and multiplicative reasoning, number patterns, fractions, percentages, measurement, positional language.

Cross-Curricular Links: Food Technology, English, Modern Foreign Languages, History, Geography.

This programme could also be combined with our Time Travel Theatre History exploration of Viking life, time and culture. Get in touch for more details.

“It covered a huge range of skills without the children realising how much Numeracy they were doing! All the pupils could access it despite the huge range of abilities present." Hawes Side Academy

 "I can't actually write how much the children enjoyed it - they thought it was fabulous! As a maths specialist I had a great day and it was lovely to hear the children so excited about it. 11 out of 10 - couldn't rate it any higher!" St. Aidan's CE Primary School


Outdoor Maths

Outdoor spaces provide wonderful opportunities to explore how numbers and shapes create both the built and natural worlds. So our engaging (and very active!) outdoor maths workshops, which feature a range of tried and tested al fresco activities, bring home the relevance of numeracy to our everyday lives – and provide lots of scope for problem solving too!

We have developed age-appropriate activities for all year groups from Nursery to Year 6, including our specially designed portable Outdoor Maths Trail - allowing us to offer open air workshops over a whole range of timescales.

Exploring (depending on time, age and group size): maths-in-context, maths language, number investigations, additive and multiplicative reasoning, number sequences and patterns, shape investigations, properties of 2D and 3D shapes, positional language, measurements, data collection, presentation and interpretation.

Duration: different activities require different amounts of time – so we’ll work with you in designing a timetable appropriate to your needs.

And Don’t Forget … we’re also experienced in designing and delivering Outdoor Maths CPD programmes for teachers, including twilights, half days and full days!

“All the pupils from Nursery to Year 6 enjoyed exploring how much fun Maths can be outdoors and the after school family outdoor activity was a great way to engage parents and carers. Would definitely book again." Kirkdale St Lawrence C of E Primary School

Maths Twilight (add-on workshops for staff)

Why not end your day with a Creative Maths Twilight for staff? Our CPD programmes are highly experiential and outcomes-driven, our Twilights give you a chance to unpick what you’ve witnessed and both try out and actively reflect on some new methodologies. And, by booking this at the end of a day of our workshops with pupils, you’ll get it all for a fraction of the usual price!

We also, offer whole-day INSET programmes, further exploring the potential of creativity to support maths in a range of contexts and providing opportunities for powerful, collaborative planning.

"CSI is a great activity to get kids deep thinking and totally engaged. I would certainly recommend it!" Thomas Howard School

"The children really enjoyed the creative maths sessions. The sessions were linked to the current Topic themes though it was easy for the children to overlook the topic facts and head straight for the Maths questions" St Mary's Primary, Yorkshire


Family Maths

Mathematical fun for all the family!

We all know how much family support benefits children's learning. So our Family Maths workshops have been specifically developed to gain and cement that support by offering a fun and friendly environment in which parents/carers work alongside their children on activities that both explore the value of maths and unpick fluency, reasoning and problem-solving. And, by tackling our Household Maths Trail, they'll discover just how easy it is to use any part of the home as a stimulus  for quick and impromptu maths challenges!

Family Maths workshops are available in a range of formats - but if you book one at the end of a day of workshops with pupils, we'll be happy to offer you a healthy discount!

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you, the staff and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we will definitely be looking into some workshops for KS1 later in the year and will be recommending this to other schools that we work with!” Brentside Primary Academy

Outdoor Mails Trail Boxes - Now available to buy! 

Our Outdoor Maths Trail comprises ten durable, waterproof bags, each containing age-differentiated Outdoor Maths questions, challenges and activities - together with all required resources (plus a Teacher's Guide).  It includes ten clipboards - and is all contained in one easy-to-carry box. Available in formats for both primary and secondary schools, it focuses on a whole range of mathematical areas including additive reasoning, multiplicative reasoning number patterns, fractions, percentages, properties of 2D shapes, properties of 3D shapes, money,  positional language, multi-stage problem solving and logic problems. Find out more here. 

To purchase an Outdoor Trail please contact 

“The Maths Trail you designed for us has proved a great hit with both staff and children!” Primary Education Centre

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