World Space Week 2024 takes place from October 4th – 10th this year, so why not treat your pupils to a stellar experience with one of our space-themed programmes

Our inspirational workshops exist in a range of formats, differentiated for age and ability - and are designed to build on pupils' existing knowledge, enhance progression and boost pupil motivation in science. They are available both during World Space Week and throughout the school year. 

Options include Journeys into Space, Cosmic Clerihews and The Race into Space. And referencing everything from the creativity that launched Valentina Tereshkova and Helen Sharman into orbit to the 21st century Age of Business in Space, all of our workshops support the 2023 theme of Space and Entrepreneurship!

For teachers, they provide an opportunity to experience some creative, inspiring and cross-curricular approaches to teaching the topic of Space, many of which require minimal resources and can be shared with colleagues and implemented into science lessons the very next day.

Perfect for Space Week -  as well as throughout the year to bring this topic to life!

"The students absolutely loved it! ... They gained an understanding of how Maths is intertwined into our everyday lives. They saw the benefits of applying themselves in Maths because there are so many exciting opportunities that stem from Maths. ​Thank you to everyone at As Creatives!" The Race into Space workshops, Warley Primary School

"We had a fantastic day ...The depth of knowledge that Chris had, it was phenomenal! It was so lovely having a workshop which could range from Reception to Year 6 and enthuse all year groups equally. I would definitely book another event with you. It was easy to organise and the feedback from staff and children was great!" The Race into Space workshops, Kimbolton Prep School

"A Great inclusive day that challenged all of our children. All children from across the school were able to take part. Pitch was appropriate, challenging and allowed for a great day of learning." The Extraordinary World of Space, Glebefields Primary School

"We just wanted to say a huge thank you to 'Major Tom' for a wonderful day yesterday.  All the children had a wonderful day and lots of the staff said it was one of the best workshops they can remember!" The Race into Space workshops, William Davis Primary School

The Extraordinary World of Space (Whole school day)

Host your own whole school, cross-curricular, space-themed "wow day" giving you access to creative teaching resources along with a suggested (and editable) timetable about how to run your day!

The Extraordinary World of Space opens up a whole galaxy of resources and activities, exploring maths, literacy, science and history – all through the topic of “Space”. Launch straight off, using our suggested timetable, or plan your own day using the editable version. There is more than enough to here to pack a day full of exciting, engaging and immersive learning – allowing teachers to extend the approach if they want. 

Available to purchase and download from


The Women of Space 

This series of age-differentiated, lively, engaging and fact-packed workshops brings to life a few of the many women who have played such an important role in humanity’s journey to the stars: Mary Jackson (a mathematician with a planet-sized brain!), Margaret Hamilton (cosmic computer expert!), Valentina Tereshkova (the first woman in. space!), Helen Sharman (the UK’s first astronaut!), Mae Jemison (the first ever black woman spacefarer!). Not to mention Laika – the world’s first Astro-dog! - and including a look at the work of British scientist Maggie Aderin-Pocock, who is using the science of space to help in the battle against climate change!


“The pace and variety of activities kept all the pupils engaged – and the dramas brought science to life!” Runcorn All Saints Primary


The Race into Space

Creative maths for up to 420 pupils in a single day! 

The search is on for Britain's next astronaut - and Major Tom wants your pupils help in selecting the best person for the job. He's found six well-suited candidates, all with different qualifications - but it's up to you to decide which one will win The Race into Space – representing Britain on a global stage!

After meeting the Major at an opening assembly, and being introduced to the would-be astronauts, each class will be issued with a Mission: to use their maths skills to rank the candidates on one of a number of qualities. Each Mission calls on pupils to demonstrate mathematical fluency, reasoning and problem-solving abilities - and is in line with National Curriculum objectives for their year group. The Major will be on hand to visit each classroom with some vital, additional information - and the programme ends with a second assembly in which each class reports back its findings and helps whittle the field down to just one: Britain's next astronaut. Major Tom knows public interest in space exploration will only be sustainable if astronauts look like ordinary people – so our six candidates come from surprisingly wide walks of life!

This exciting and engaging workshop provides an ideal platform for one or two-form entry schools to enjoy a shared maths experience - and learn something about the science of space travel too! 

Suitable for: EYFS - Y6 / P1 - P7. 

Duration: one day

Exploring: a range of skills in data handling and/or numerical operations and/or understanding shape - selected for each year group in line with National Curriculum objectives.

Purchase and download The Race into Space resource pack from

I can’t thank you enough for all you did last week. I had so many teachers stopping me and telling me how amazing you were! The children loved every minute and I particularly liked the workshops - great to see the kids engaged, moving and working as a team as well as stretching their mental maths skills. St Mary's, Hare Park


Journeys into Space (In-person or Live Streamed)

It's more than fifty years since the first humans walked on the moon – and Journeys into Space allows up to 420 pupils to celebrate this extraordinary milestone in a single day. Following an assembly looking at ways that light allows us to look at the history of the stars, pupils work a year group at a time, using a range of age-appropriate drama techniques to explore the wonders of the cosmos, bringing things right up to date by exploring scientists’ efforts to make space travel greener and cleaner!

  • EYFS / P1: the characteristics of stars, planets and moons ...
  • KS1 / P2 - P3: the life cycles of stars
  • Years 3 & 4 / P4 - P5: The Perils of Space Travel
  • Years 5 & 6 / P6 - P7: the moon - and the Apollo 11 landing

Suitable for: EYFS – KS2 (up to 60 pupils at a time!)

Exploring (according to age): the characteristics of stars, planets and moons, the life cycles of stars, the scientific challenges posed by space travel, the moon, the Apollo 11 programme

Duration: 30 – 90 minutes per workshop, depending on how many classes are involved.

"The workshops were great and the children thoroughly enjoyed them. The whole year group are very excited about what they have learned about the space race and are looking forward to publishing their poems to go on display in our school hall." Journeys into Space workshop, Castle Bromwich Junior School


The Story of Flight (In-person or Live Streamed)

The drama of the science behind our conquest of the skies

Discover how humankind from across the globe left the earth’s surface for the skies and then space – and ultimately the stars – in this thrilling and action-packed drama-based workshop. Starting with the Icarus myth, pupils will explore, learn about and teach each other some of the scientific and technological landmarks in The Story of Flight, including Leonardo’s musings on helicopters, the Montgolfier brothers’ experiments with balloons, Orville and Wilbur Wright’s development of the aeroplane, Frank Whittle’s work on the jet engine and Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon.

Suitable For: up to 30 pupils at a time. KS2 - KS3 / P4 - P7. 

Exploring: aerodynamics, forces (gravity, friction and air resistance), pressure.

Duration: 1½ hours – half a day (depending on how many classes)

“As Creatives are like a breath of fresh air – livening up teachers and students with fun and innovative methods of learning. The planning and preparation that goes on behind the scenes results in a thoroughly professional delivery in which all participants are valued and respected.” (Head of Science, Holy Cross School, Bolton)

Space Pirates! (In-person or Live Streamed)

From proto-stars to black holes – an interactive exploration of the life cycles of stars!

Our travelling pirate, Captain Richard Morgan, has a new ship – but the Solar Surfer sails through the stars, not the seas! And as the Solar Surfer is powered by solar waves, of course, it’s vital that the Captain understands the differences between Red Giants, White Dwarves and Black Holes. But that’s the problem: he doesn’t. So he’ll arrive at your school in search of help. Captain Morgan knows that while it’s the Sun that sustains life on Earth, we can all play our part!

After working in small groups on an age-differentiated independent carousel of activities, pupils will have all the information they need to solve his problems for him. And they’ll do that by performing dramatic representations of a range of different possible life cycles for stars – and alerting the Captain as to exactly what he needs to look out for! 

Suitable For: EYFS - Y6 / P1 - P7.

Exploring: the characteristics of stars, the life cycles of stars

Duration: Suitable for up to 60 pupils at a time, Space Pirates! lasts from 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on how many classes we’re working with.


Messages from Space (In-person or Live Streamed)

What would happen if “dead” planets were able to warn us about the perils of not looking after the earth? Messages from Space can help answer that question!

What do we know about Neptune? What’s the science of Saturn? And how is our understanding of Uranus? After a warm-up activity exploring some of the characteristics of a range of inhabitants of the universe (including stars and comets as well as planets and black holes), and armed with our FactFiles, pupils will mix metaphors, similes and astronomy as they create - and perform - their own Cosmic Clerihews! These are fun but descriptive four-line poems – and so perfectly suited for the descriptive rigour demanded by science. 

Suitable For: KS1 – KS4 / P1 - P7.

Exploring: characteristics of planets, stars, comets and black holes; authorial voice, rhythm, tone and pace.

Duration: Suitable for up to 30 pupils at a time, Messages from Space lasts from 1 to 2 hours, depending on how many classes we’re working with.


Time Travel Tourist - the Apollo Adventurers (In-person)

The Apollo astronauts have a unique experience – of seeing the Planet Earth from the moon. So Commander Armstrong knows how important sustainable approaches are to keeping it alive!

It was in July 1969 that Neil Armstrong stepped onto the lunar landscape and uttered the famous words, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Since then, only another eleven astronauts have walked on the moon - and none since 1972. This unique programme, though, gives your pupils an opportunity to meet and work with one of the people behind Apollo 11 - Margaret Hamilton (who led the team designing the mission's software) or Astronaut Armstrong himself. Your Tourist will be more than happy to meet the school at an assembly - then visit a number of classes during the day in workshops using drama techniques to bring to life the Apollo 11 adventure, and her/his role in its success. 

Suitable For: up to 30 pupils at a time, EYFS - KS4 (and beyond!)

Exploring (according to age): preparations for the mission; history, characteristics and composition of the moon; the Apollo 11 astronauts; the role of the moon in future space exploration.

"Please can you pass on our thanks to “Neil Armstrong”, he was brilliant. The children got so much out of it and really enjoyed the session. He answered their questions so well and was very, very knowledgeable." Clarendon Infants 


The World Without a Moon (In-person or Live Streamed)

A world without a moon would suffer catastrophic climate change, rendering most life unsustainable. Sounds familiar …?

Since its creation over four billion years ago, the moon has been locked into the Earth's embrace. But it certainly makes itself felt - in ways uncovered by this intriguing, drama-based workshop. After a quick game exposing some unforgettable Moon Facts, participants work in groups to bring to life some of the moon's impacts - by imagining how different (and possibly non-existent) a number of aspects of life would be without it.

Suitable For: up to 30 pupils at a time, KS1 - KS4 (and beyond!)

Exploring (according to age): history, characteristics and composition of the moon; the moon and tidal behaviour; the moon and weather; the moon and evolution.

Duration: 1 hour + (depending on how many classes)


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World Space Week

World Space Week takes place between the 4th -10th October. You can find out more by visiting the World Space Week website

World Space Week

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