Workshop Description

Celebrate International Women’s Day by joining As Creatives for The Best of British Women in STEM, a drama-based workshop bringing to life the achievements of some of the (often unsung) many British women who have pushed the boundaries of science. From the daughter of a poet who became the mother of computing, to a motorbike mechanic turned aircraft engineer to a food scientist who went into space, these women changed the world

KS2-KS3 / P4-P7
1½ hours – half a day (depending on how many classes)
30 pupils per workshop
School Hall


How many pupils can take part?

The Story of Flight can accommodate up-to 30 pupils per workshop. 

What is the format of the day?

 1½ hours – half a day (depending on how many classes)

Are there any technical requirements?

Each working space needs to be equipped with laptop/screen/projector, so pupils can view the supporting PowerPoint throughout.


Where will the workshops take place?

These workshops can take place in a classroom or the school hall.

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