A themed Big History Day provides you with the perfect platform to generate a real “history buzz” across the whole school, with every class exploring, in age-appropriate ways, different aspects of a single, unifying theme. Able to accommodate the whole of up to a two-form entry school in just a single day!

Workshop Description

A Big History Day comprises …

 - An interactive assembly, investigating what history “is” and why it’s important- and introducing the overall theme …

 - Workshops (one per year group) using drama-based activities to support the children in looking at a particular feature of the theme – and how it fits into the jigsaw. There are no costumes, props or artefacts (although you and the pupils are welcome to dress up, of course) – but creativity, imagination and lots of content! 

You can choose from the following themed Big History Days …

London Stories: specially developed to support children’s understanding of the important part London has played, continues to play and will always play in history.

Egypt, Land of the Pharaohs: exploring how and why Egypt was so prominent, the structure of Egyptian society, Egyptians’ belief systems – and, of course, the pyramids!

Women Who Changed the World: bringing to life the stories of some amazing women who, while often little known, made the world a better, fairer and kinder place.

The Exploration Game: investigating what exploration “is”, and how it has changed in recent years – and investigating the stories of some explorers who really made a difference.

Civilisations and Cultures: looking at a number of different civilisations from across the world, piecing together stories – and investigating their lasting legacies.

“Our students were thoroughly engaged during Jackon's sessions (and so were the teachers!). Our pupils were so enthused and excited about history after the sessions. They loved all of the drama and being active!" Castlehill Primary School

"Thank you from us all for the fantastic workshops -  I have had so much positive feedback from the different classes and the content you delivered was spot on for each of the groups.  I was in awe of how easy you made it look, which as a teacher with 20 years experience I don't say very often! -  we will certainly have no hesitation in booking you again in the future." Kirkland and Caterall St Helen's Primary

EYFS-Y6 / P1-P7
Multiple workshops over one day
60 per workshops
Large space required in primary schools


What is the format of the day?

The day involves a whole-school assembly, followed by workshops, each one accommodating up to 60 pupils at a time. We will plan a timetable based on the number of classes you would like to include, but a whole-school day might look something like this:

09.00 – 09.20: Whole-school introductory assembly…

09.20 – 10.00: Year 1 stay in the hall for their workshop …

10.00 – 10.40: Year 2 come to the hall for their workshop …

10.40 – 11.20: Year 3 come to the hall for their workshop …

11.20 – 11.50: One Reception class have a visit, in their own setting …


1.00 – 1.30: The other Reception class have a visit, in their own setting …

1.30 – 2.05: Year 4 come to the hall for their workshop …

2.05 – 2.40: Year 5 come to the hall for their workshop …

2.40 – 3.15: Year 6 come to the hall for their workshop.

Are there any technical requirements?

We will need access to a projector and screen in the hall. 


Can we dress up?

Yes! lots of schools choose to dress up to really get into the theme of their history day.

How many pupils can take part in one day?

A Big History Day can accommodate up-to 60 pupils per workshop - that's the whole of a two-form entry school in just one day!

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