It's more than fifty years since the first humans walked on the moon – and Journeys into Space allows up to 420 pupils to celebrate this extraordinary milestone in a single day! 

“Can I just thank you all for the lovely sessions yesterday. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed them, and are still talking about it today! Having asked them what their favourite session has been from all the sessions across the 3 days - your session comes up top! Thank you once again, and I look forward to working with you in the future." Putteridge High School

"The children thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and all were completely engaged,.  Even now a week later, the children are still talking about it and repeating the ‘SUN BURNS!!’ part.  They learnt so much in just a short amount of time and will remember it due to the engaging way it was presented. Lots of the children surprised me with their knowledge – Jackson expertly drew out what they already knew and expanded on it. We will definitely be booking your services in the future.” Journeys into Space, Balshaw Lane Primary


Workshop Description

Following an assembly looking at ways that light allows us to look at the history of the stars, pupils work a year group at a time, using a range of age-appropriate drama techniques to explore the wonders of the cosmos, bringing things right up to date by exploring scientists’ efforts to make space travel greener and cleaner!

  • EYFS / P1: the characteristics of stars, planets and moons ...
  • KS1 / P2 - P3: the life cycles of stars
  • Years 3 & 4 / P4 - P5: The Perils of Space Travel
  • Years 5 & 6 / P6 - P7: the moon - and the Apollo 11 landing

Exploring (according to age): the characteristics of stars, planets and moons, the life cycles of stars, the scientific challenges posed by space travel, the moon, the Apollo 11 programme

“It was great to see an inventive way of teaching tricky science concepts through drama. A good balance to the hands on investigative approach and one which I hope staff may attempt themselves in future science lessons. We would love to work with you again." Windsor Primary

"The workshops were great and the children thoroughly enjoyed them. The whole year group are very excited about what they have learned about the space race and are looking forward to publishing their poems to go on display in our school hall." Journeys into Space workshop, Castle Bromwich Junior School

EYFS - Y6 / P1-P7 / Senior Infants - 6th Class
30 – 90 mins per workshop, depending on how many classes are involved.
60 pupils per workshop
School Hall


How many pupils can take part?

Journeys into Space can accommodate up-to 60 pupils per workshop. That's the whole of a two-form entry primary school in one day!

What is the format of the day?

30 – 90 minutes per workshop, depending on how many classes are involved.

Are there any technical requirements?

Each working space needs to be equipped with laptop/screen/projector, so pupils can view the supporting PowerPoint throughout.


Where will the workshops take place?

These workshops work best in a large open space such as the school hall. 

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