Science is relevant and important to each and every one of us, each and every day of our lives – a fact celebrated by the annual Science Week Ireland. This year’s Science Week is from November 7th - 14th November -  and our Innovation and Beyond programme is the perfect way to help your school celebrate this key event! 

Science Week Ireland School Workshops


Science Assemblies

Assemblies are a great way, of course, of both generating a buzz around school and sowing the seeds for a shared experience, so we're happy to lead interactive and entertaining whole-school assemblies at the start of a day of any of our science programmes - and all at no extra cost! 

Innovation and Beyond - P1 - P7 / Junior Infants to Sixth Class

Tying in perfectly with the theme of this year's Science Week Ireland, Innovation and Beyond takes pupils through a very active exploration of "seven innovations that have changed the world" - and asks them to consider how science can help solve some of the challenges facing the people of Ireland in the twenty first century. Innovation and Beyond is available for both in-person visits and streamed delivery - and you can also purchase a resource pack allowing teachers to deliver the activities themselves!


Science Week Ireland

Science Week 2021 will take place from the 7th – 14th of November. The focus of Science Week 2021 will be on a national conversation between the general public, the research community, and policymakers. This conversation will highlight the potential of existing scientific discoveries but, crucially, it will ask what challenges are most important to the Irish public and how science might help. Most importantly Science Week will aim to capture these challenges, or questions, as they arise from the public.


All of our other Science workshops are also available to have as either an in-person or live streamed workshop - view our full range of Primary School Workshops for Schools In Ireland here


Seven Wonders of the World - P1 - P7 / Junior Infants to Sixth Class

Seven Wonders of the World introduces pupils to some of the amazing lifeforms the Earth is home to – and reminds them of the crucial role that climate plays in maintaining diversity. This Big Science Day has three components …An interactive, whole-school opening assembly looking at (with the help of some of your pupils) the uniqueness of Earth (as far as we know!), some of the dangers posed to it by human activity – and what some ordinary people are doing to help …Tailored workshops for every year group, using age-appropriate drama-based techniques to explore the diverse lifeforms supported by particular habitats, some of the challenges posed to them – and what can be done to protect them. Where time allows, celebratory closing assembly, in which classes work through a structured approach to share what they have learnt with the rest of the school community.

Suitable For: P1 - P7/ Senior Infants – 7th Class

Duration: whole day

Big Science

Starting with a whole-school assembly, the rest of the day is taken up with workshops for a year group at a time - with whole-school themes including Journeys into Space, Amazing Animals (and Hair raising Humans), Exploring Evolution, Phenomenal Plants, Considering Conservation, Looking at Light, Eclectic Electricity, The Marvel of Materials, May the Force Be With You and The Sense of Sound!


Families Event: Top Tips for Saving the Planet! (add on session)

If we’re serious about saving planet Earth, it’s becoming more and more obvious that individuals need to take actions in their daily lives, rather than just relying on governments and big business to do it for them. So, coming at the end of a day of workshops with pupils (and following an opportunity for children to share some of their learning with their parents/carers), this engaging workshop manages to both take a light hearted look at some of the challenges that face us and support families in identifying real changes they can make. And by the end of the afternoon, you’ll have your very own school Pledge to Protect the Planet! And, by booking one of these at the end of a day of our workshops with pupils, you'll get it all for a fraction of the usual price! 


A Call for Change! - P1 - P7 / Junior Infants to Sixth Class

The young people of today are more aware than ever of the dangers (and reality!) of climate change – and that individuals really can play a part in combatting it. Able to accommodate up to 420 children in a single day, and starting with a whole-school assembly, A Call for Change supports pupils in taking age-appropriate looks at such areas as air pollution, plastics and fracking (illegal in the Republic – but not in Northern Ireland!

Suitable for: up to 420 children in a day

Year groups: P1 - P7 / Junior Infants to Sixth Class


Science Week Ireland school Workshops and Visits



Pirate Maths

Maths Ireland

Our workshops engage, motivate and, crucially, challenge the pupils we work with, providing them with meaningful contexts in which to practise their skills.. 

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Poetry Workshops

National Poetry Day is always one of our most enjoyable times of the year – and we have a whole range of enjoyable and engaging Poetry workshops for you. 

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World Book Day

World Book Day

Our World Book Day workshops, assemblies and author visits have been specially designed to help you and your pupils celebrate World Book Day by bringing your favourite books to life.

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"I would like to thank Ady again for delivering the workshops. His own enthusiasm for science shone through from the start to the end of day.  The fact that the lessons were active and fun enabled the children to learn in a more physical way than that of the normal classroom based teaching of science. This has given some of the teachers ideas for their own way of teaching science for future lessons. I would definitely recommend As Creatives to fellow teachers." Heath Fields Primary