Building on some of the scientific happy accidents that have resulted in household names – and the power of science to surprise! 



Workshop Description

Which great Science Investigators of the past capitalised on “happy accidents” to create amazing science? You’d be surprised how many there are, resulting in inventions that have fed the world, made life easier – and saved millions of lives! This busy and engaging workshop introduces children to some of these, from Post-its to penicillin to pacemakers, then supports them as they make connections to imagine and market some amazing new inventions of their own.



EYFS - KS3 / P1-P7 / Senior Infants - 6th Class / S1-S3
1 – 2 hours, depending on the number of classes
30 pupils per workshop
School Hall


How many pupils can take part?

Expect the Unexpected! can accommodate up-to 30 pupils per workshop. It's possible to have up-to 5 x workshops in one day, so a total of 150 pupils in total.

What is the format of the day?
Are there any technical requirements?

Each working space needs to be equipped with laptop/screen/projector, so pupils can view the supporting PowerPoint throughout.


Where will the workshops take place?

These workshops work best in a large open space such as the school hall. A large classroom, with desks and chairs stowed away as far as possible, is fine.

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