Enterprise Workshops

Enterprise Workshops

Our Big Enterprise Days allow us to provide a full day of workshops for up to 300 students from a single year group!

The benefits of enterprise education aren’t just for would-be entrepreneurs and potential businesspeople – they’re for everyone, of any age. Because the transferable nature of such enterprise skills as resourcefulness, resilience and reflection means that they provide pupils with a framework that can underpin all learning – both at school and beyond.


Global Entrepreneurship Week

Our approaches to Enterprise Education are, of course suitable all year round, but if you’re marking this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week (November 12th - 18th), our programmes can provide a perfect launch pad – and all can be tailored to target your objectives. Why not get in touch to find out more?

Trading Game (KS2 – KS4)

Fast, furious and fantastically engaging, our Trading Game can be played with between 15 and 90 participants. Capable of being adapted to serve a number of objectives (from exploring economic inequalities to investigating business, from developing enterprise skills to practicing mathematical skills and from considering team dynamics to analysing patterns), it can exist as either stand-alone activity or as part of wider enterprise programme.

“The students engaged really well with the programme – and the attention you gave to team building at the start paid off in the ways that they responded to the different grouping strategies you used. They are proud of what they achieved – and recognise how much hard work they had to put in!” (Creative Co-ordinator, Haydock Sports College)

“I’ve learnt to keep in flow by thinking of new ideas quickly and on my own – having a go at anything, even if I think it’ll be hard!” (Year 9 student, Haydock Sports College)


Stranded! (KS1 - KS4)

This exciting, real-time challenge asks your pupils to use their enterprise skills to help a group stranded on an island before the video link runs out. They’ll use their teamworking and drama skills to explore and develop their ideas – and the older the pupils, of course, the more complex the challenges they’ll face. So, equipped with some guidance about the 5Rs Enterprise Framework, how can Relationships, Resourcefulness, Risk Taking, Resilience and Reflection help them?

“What did I like about this programme ...? The activities for the students to get involved with, seeing full teamwork for all the pupils involved ... Basically, all of it!” (Teacher, Hollingworth Business and Enterprise College)

“The activities that you brought were new, exciting and absolutely relevant to learning. The team at as creatives have engaging delivery styles – and very good classroom management skills!” (Director of Enterprise Education, Alsop High School)

Big Enterprise Days

A Big Enterprise Day gives you the opportunity to create a real “enterprise buzz” by taking up to 300 students from a single year group off timetable for the day as they carousel around a series of very different workshops. Designed to be experienced in any sequence, while still providing a coherent insight into our 5Rs Enterprise Framework (Relationships, Resourcefulness, Risk-taking, Resilience and Reflection), A Big Enterprise Day allows you to create your own menu of workshops from:

  • Enterprise and Me … enabling students to explore ways in which they currently use enterprise skills - and how that can get better at this ...
  • Enterprise by Design … challenging young people to come up with new and unique products - and market them …
  • Enterprise in Action … bringing the stock exchange to school as small teams bring their enterprise skills to bear in trading … 
  • Patterns of Enterprise … promoting the ability to identify, analyse and predict patterns …
  • Adventures in Enterprise … challenging students ability to prioritise - then rethink in the light of unexpected events! 

Embedding Enterprise (KS3 – KS4)

The Five Rs (Relationships, Resourcefulness, Risk Taking, Resilience and Reflection) provide a fantastic and memorable scaffold for enterprise learning. And this longer-term programme, first developed for Calday Grange Grammar School, is a brilliant way to both introduce them to young people and support them in fully embedding them. We’ll spend five days with an entire year group (over one or two years), focusing on a different skill each time. To ensure coherency, there’ll be an overall “narrative structure” that links the five skills. And there’s also be a clearly established link between the delivery methodology and the capability that’s being explored. So, for example, while Day 1 looks at “relationships” and has a clear focus on teamwork, Day 3 investigates “risk taking” and is very much drama-based. Students will chart their own journeys across the five days in Enterprise Logs – and, the programme is deliberately designed to be flexible enough to respond  to their feedback as it progresses.


Global Entrepreneurship Week takes place in November - find out more here. 


Enterprise Workshops for Schools

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