This exciting challenge asks your students to use their enterprise skills to help a group stranded on an island! 


Workshop Description

Students will use their team-working and drama skills to explore ways of helping the group survive - and ultimately escape. So, equipped with some guidance about the 5Rs Enterprise Framework, how can Relationships, Resourcefulness, Risk Taking, Resilience and Reflection help them?

“What did I like about this programme ...? The activities for the students to get involved with, seeing full teamwork for all the pupils involved ... Basically, all of it!” (Teacher, Hollingworth Business and Enterprise College)

“The activities that you brought were new, exciting and absolutely relevant to learning. The team at as creatives have engaging delivery styles – and very good classroom management skills!” (Director of Enterprise Education, Alsop High School)

Up to 5 x 1-hour workshops a day
30 students per workshop
Hall / Drama Studio


What is the format of the day?

We will work with you to plan the perfect day of activity to suit your requirements. We can be completely flexible to fit around your school timetable or a plan an off-timetable day. You might opt to have this workshop repeated several times for different groups, or to have a selection of complimentary workshops for the same group - or a mix of the two. 


Are there any technical requirements?

Your visitor will need access to a laptop/ screen/projector in each working space, so that students can view the supporting PowerPoint.


How many students can take part?

This workshop can accommodate up-to 30 students at a time, in sessions lasting as little an one hour, meaning it is usually possible to have up-to 150 students take part over the course of one day.

What space is required for this workshop?

Stranded! is an active workshop and requires an open space such as the school hall, or a drama studio.

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