Working in teams - and responding to change - to put maths in context!

Workshop Description

This thought provoking workshop sees students working in teams to create a series of budgets designed to fund an exciting new community initiative. The sting in the tail, though, is that each team will represent a different interest group, with, of course, different priorities. And whether the students are representing other young people of their own age, local businesses or police officers, they’ll have to bear those priorities in mind as they put maths in context by putting together “wish lists” based on limited budgets. They’ll be given the prices of some popular items (other costings being available on request!) and will be supported throughout by a structured planning scaffold - but they’ll also have to continually review their decisions in the light of rapidly changing events. At the end of the day, however, only one budget can be implemented - and it’ll be the power of teams’ final presentations that determines the outcome!

Exploring: maths in context, additive reasoning, multiplicative reasoning, fractions, percentages, teamwork, oracy

Exploring (according to year group and time): number relationships, empirical thinking, properties of 2D shapes, sequences and patterns, Rebus codes, Caesar Shifts, Key words and semiotics. 

"Code breaking was great and teaching them to work together and being resilient and the maths world of work was good at getting them to think about Maths in the world of work and its many uses." George Green’s School

Up-to 5 x 1-hour workshops
60 students per workshop
Classroom based


What is the format of the day?

We will work with you to plan the perfect day of activity to suit your requirements. We can be completely flexible to fit around your school timetable or a plan an off-timetable day. You might opt to have this workshop repeated several times for different groups, or to have a selection of complimentary workshops for the same group - or a mix of the two. 

Are there any technical requirements?

Your visitor will need access to a laptop/ screen/projector in each working space, so that students can view the supporting PowerPoint.

Is this workshop available as part of a Big Maths Day?

Yes, The Priorities Game is perfect for Big Maths Days, which can accommodate a whole year group in a whole day of exciting and engaging maths activity!

How many students can take part?

This workshop can accommodate up-to 60 students at a time, in sessions lasting as little an one hour, meaning it is usually possible to have up-to 300 students take part over the course of one day.

What space is required?

Students will usually work in teams of four or five, and can do so seated at tables or on the floor. Groups of up-to 30 can work in the classroom but larger groups will need a larger space such as the school hall or a double classroom.

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