The Connection places science, engineering and technology firmly in context by exploring the lives, achievements and legacies of individuals whose inventions and discoveries have affected all our lives! A highly engaging, thought provoking and informative whole-school programme.




"The children enjoyed the workshops across all year groups. The feedback from children and teachers was the workshops were extremely worthwhile. The children were able to connect the learning in the workshops to the learning in class through the embedded links. The children were actively engaged in the learning across all year groups. The enthusiasm of the instructor and the ability to engage the children was excellent!” St Stephen’s Catholic Primary School

"Across the school, the children thoroughly enjoyed the workshops as they could be creative and active. There were lots of smiles on faces from children in Reception all the way up to Year 6! The children appreciated being taught about their chosen scientist through a drama-based activity that was away from the classroom environment. They also worked well together in teams in order to discuss and listen to each other’s thoughts and ideas which is an invaluable skill.” Barr View Primary School


Workshop Description

The Connection can accommodate the whole of up to a two-form entry school in a single day, compromising …

An interactive assembly, Connections and Causality - showing how the Stone Age discovery of ways of making and manipulating fire led to a whole series of scientific “moments” across the ages, culminating in the projected missions to send humans to Mars!

Workshops (one per year group), looking at the work of a particular scientist/technologist/engineer - and the connections between their work and everyday life. There is a deliberate and conscious focus on diversity - and clear connections, too, to science strands that each year group will be exploring at some point in the year!

EYFS/P1 (Exploring the World): Elijah McCoy, who changed the railways for ever, making possible the long journeys that make the world today a little smaller!

Year 1/P2: (Materials): Lyda Newman, who patented the first modern-day hairbrush by moving away from animal fibres and towards purpose-centred approaches.

Year 2/P3: (Living Things and their Habitats): Charles Henry Turner, and his work on ways in which termite colonies respond individually and collectively to changes in their environments.

Year 3/P4: (Forces): Sarah Goode, whose understanding of the ways in which different forces act was behind her invention of the world’s first fold-up bed!

Year 4/P5: (Animals, including Humans): Marie Curie, the double-Nobel winner whose work with radioactivity expanded our knowledge and understanding of the structure of the human body.

Year 5/P6: (Space): Katherine Johnson, whose groundbreaking work leading a team of NASA computer programmers allowed the Apollo missions to land humans on the moon.

Year 6/P7: (Circulatory System): Charles Richard Drew, whose early attempts to study at medical school were thwarted by racist authorities – but who went on to save millions of loves by revolutionising how we collect, store, transport and use blood products.

Every school booking The Connection will also receive a link to a package of downloadable follow-up resources.

"The pupil’s thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and enjoyed learning and celebrating the connections made by a diverse range of scientists within their discoveries. The assembly was a great start to the day and staff positively commented on the energy and enthusiasm that Zoe had when delivering the workshops, creating a good rapport with pupils from Nursery up to Year 6."  St Peter's Catholic Academy

"A huge thank you for yesterday!  The feedback from every single staff member was SO complimentary of you, saying how you were so engaging, your behaviour management was great and how they learnt lots and thoroughly enjoyed the day.  I just wanted to let you know that Allington had a lovely day!" Allington Primary School

EYFS - Y6 / P1-P7 / Senior Infants - 6th Class
One Day
Whole school!
School Hall


What is the format of the day?

The day starts with a whole-school assembly. We will work with you to plan a timetable for the workshops, to suit the number of classes you would like to include - and around the specific timings of your school day. 

A typical timetable looks like this:

09.00 – 09.20: Whole-school assembly

09.20 – 9.55: Year 1 stay in the hall for their workshop …

9.55 – 10.30: Year 2 come to the hall for their workshop …

10.30 – 11.05: Year 3 come to the hall for their workshop …

11.05 – 11.30: One Reception class have a visit, in their own setting …

11.30 – 11.55: The other Reception class have a visit, in their own setting …


1.00 – 1.40: Year 4 come to the hall for their workshop …

1.40 – 2.20: Year 5 come to the hall for their workshop …

2.20 – 3.00: Year 6 come to the hall for their workshop.

3.00 – 3.15: Closing assembly where findings are shared and the outcome revealed.

How many pupils can take part?

The Connection can accommodate up-to 60 pupils per workshop - that's the whole of a two-form entry school in just one day!

Are there any technical requirements?

Each working space needs to be equipped with laptop/screen/projector, so pupils can view the supporting PowerPoint throughout.


Where will the workshops take place?

These workshops require the use of your school hall. 

Is Time for Science available as a Teaching Resource?

Yes! you can download the Time for Science teaching resource pack and deliver your own whole-school Science day! download from

Are there any other whole school science days?

Yes, you can also enjoy a whole school experience with Time for Science, Combatting Climate Change – by Growing for Gold, What a Wonderful World  or Science Skills! Or, build your own whole school, Big Science Day.

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The Connection places science, engineering and technology firmly in context by exploring the lives, achievements and legacies of individuals whose inventions and discoveries have affected all our lives!

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