Whatever book our friend Vistie was reading as a little girl (and she read a lot of them!), it always featured Fillolog, an extraordinary creature with an extraordinary appetite for stories.

Workshop Description

They were there in the forest, as she read of wolves, owls and eagles. They were there in the sea as she devoured tales of pirates, shipwrecks and treasure islands. And they were there in the distance as she read of adventure, action and mystery. Fillolog also had their own story to tell - but now that Vistie has got older, it’s faded to the back of her memory. And that’s where you come in! Because you and your pupils have the chance to help her by writing a unique and extraordinary whole-school story - with Fillolog at its heart!

 The Extraordinary Adventures of Fillolog can accommodate the whole of up to a two-form entry in a single day*, comprising an interactive assembly, workshops (one per year group) and follow-up literacy activities designed to put flesh on the bones of the story.

The workshops see children participating in related and age-appropriate drama-based activities before working together to solve literary clues revealing key aspects of Fillolog’s story.

  • Nursery children (where appropriate) will be the Locksmiths - literally looking for the key to the story …
  • Reception classes/P1, the Story Openers - discovering where the adventure starts …
  • Year 1 pupils/P2 – the Explorers - will want to know where the Secret Doorway leads …
  • Year 2/P3, the Friend Makers will provide a companion for Fillolog …
  • Year 3/P4 classes will be the Questors, searching for an object vital to the success of the story …
  • Year 4/P5 pupils, the Intrepids, will need to unravel the threads to discover the problem that Fillolog and their friend will face …
  • Year 5/P6 children – the Problem Solvers – will be helping Fillolog overcome the challenge they’re faced with …
  • Year 6/P7 classes, the Bridgers, will provide a bridge to the next part of the story by finding a cliffhanger ending to the tale so far!

“The children really enjoyed the workshops (The Extraordinary World of Fillilog). They were very engaging and pitched at the right level for each year group. They had a fantastic experience for World Book Day, that was exciting and encouraged the children to think about story writing and use their imagination. The whole thing was so organised and professional, from the initial contact, the timetabling, communication and the event! Brilliant Day!” Hilltop Primary

EYFS – KS2 / P1 - P7 / Senior Infants - 6th Class
Suitable for up to 60 pupils at a time
School Hall


How many pupils can take part?

The Extraordinary Adventures of Fillolog can accommodate up-to 60 pupils per workshop - that's the whole of a two-form entry school in just one day!

What is the format of the day?

We will work with you to plan a timetable for the workshops, to suit the number of classes you would like to include - and around the specific timings of your school day. In a two-form entry primary school (with all year groups apart from Reception taking part in groups of up-to 60), the timetable might look like this:

09.00 – 09.20: Whole-school assembly, where your visitor will explain how they need the children’s help…

09.20 – 9.55: Year 1 stay in the hall for their workshop …

9.55 – 10.30: Year 2 come to the hall for their workshop …

10.30 – 11.05: Year 3 come to the hall for their workshop …

11.05 – 11.30: One Reception class have a visit, in their own setting …

11.30 – 11.55: The other Reception class have a visit, in their own setting …


1.00 – 1.40: Year 4 come to the hall for their workshop …

1.40 – 2.20: Year 5 come to the hall for their workshop …

2.20 – 3.00: Year 6 come to the hall for their workshop.

3.00 – 3.15: Closing assembly where findings are shared and the outcome revealed.


Are there any technical requirements?

Your visitor will need access to a laptop/ screen/projector set up in the school hall. 

Are there any other whole-school literacy days?

Yes! If you've already enjoyed our The Extraordinary Adventures of Fillolog workshops, then you might want to consider one of our other whole-school literacy days which include; A Visit from Bookman,  The Character Hunt and Celebrations in Rhyme

Is this day of activity available as a teaching resource pack?

Yes! The Extraordinary Adventures of Fillolog resource pack, which includes filmed workshops, allows you and your colleagues to deliver the day in school yourselves. You can view and purchase the pack here: As Creatives Connect 

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