If the characters in our favourite stories only come to life when their tales are read, what would become of them if Mr Noah Magination got his way and had all books banned?


Today, we were delighted to host As Creatives. Our whole-school assembly delved into different types of characters within a story. Followed by workshops, featuring human sculptures, immersing us in the narrative. Thank you to Paige Turner for a wonderful experience! Bishop Eton Primary School

Workshop Description

Paige Turner is on a mission to save the fictional worlds that these characters live in and she’s going to need your pupils’ help. After introducing herself at a whole-school assembly, she’ll work with a number of classes, using age-differentiated drama approaches to bring some of their favourite characters to life, exploring what it is that makes them so wonderful and what we would stand to lose if we never had the chance to meet them in the first place. This is her only hope winning over Mr Magination and guaranteeing the survival of books and stories for future generations- and that hope lies in you!

“We will definitely be looking into some workshops for KS1 later in the year and will be recommending this to other schools that we work with!” KS2 Manager, Brentside Primary Academy

EYFS – KS2 / P1 - P7 / Senior Infants - 6th Class
Suitable for up to 60 pupils at a time
School Hall


How many pupils can take part?

Paige Turner's Fiction Mission can accommodate up-to 60 pupils per workshop - that's the whole of a two-form entry school in just one day!

What is the format of the day?

We will work with you to plan a timetable for the workshops, to suit the number of classes you would like to include - and around the specific timings of your school day. In a two-form entry primary school (with all year groups apart from Reception taking part in groups of up-to 60), the timetable might look like this:

09.00 – 09.20: Whole-school assembly, where your visitor will explain how they need the children’s help…

09.20 – 9.55: Year 1 stay in the hall for their workshop …

9.55 – 10.30: Year 2 come to the hall for their workshop …

10.30 – 11.05: Year 3 come to the hall for their workshop …

11.05 – 11.30: One Reception class have a visit, in their own setting …

11.30 – 11.55: The other Reception class have a visit, in their own setting …


1.00 – 1.40: Year 4 come to the hall for their workshop …

1.40 – 2.20: Year 5 come to the hall for their workshop …

2.20 – 3.00: Year 6 come to the hall for their workshop.

3.00 – 3.15: Closing assembly where findings are shared and the outcome revealed.


Are there any technical requirements?

There are no technical requirements for this day of activity

Are there any other whole-school literacy days?

Yes! If you've enjoyed Paige Turner's Fiction Misson then you might want to consider one of our other whole-school literacy days which include; A Visit from Bookman,  The Character Hunt,The Extraordinary World of Fillolog and A Celebration in Rhyme.

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