Workshop Description

It’s widely recognised that people write best from experience – and this applies just as much to children as to adults, of course. So this colourful programme places pupils at the heart of a fictional world when they receive a surprise visit from our friendly pirate, Captain Morgan – who needs their help in recruiting new crew members for his ship. After meeting everyone at an assembly, the Captain will work with each year group at a time – in workshops that prepare for pupils for writing to entertain, writing to inform, writing to persuade or writing to discuss (the choice is yours). And as they return to class, he’ll throw down a Writing Challenge to help him overcome his problems.

Exploring: speaking and listening; writing to entertain (poetry, short stories, play scripts), writing to inform (recipes, job descriptions, risk assessments), writing to persuade (speeches, advertising campaigns) or writing to discuss (reports for The Pirate Panel).

"The writing tasks were challenging - but the children were enthused by the approaches used!” Holy Family Primary

"We will definitely be looking into some workshops for KS1 later in the year and will be recommending this to other schools that we work with!” Brentside Primary Academy

KS1-KS2 / P1 - P7
Up to 1 hour - multiple sessions per day
Suitable for up to 60 pupils at a time
Hall/ classroom


How many pupils can take part?

Purposeful Writing With Pirates can accommodate up-to 60 pupils per workshop - that's the whole of a two-form entry school in just one day!

What is the format of the day?

We will work with you to plan a timetable for the workshops, to suit the number of classes you would like to include - and around the specific timings of your school day. In a two-form entry primary school (with all year groups apart from Reception taking part in groups of up-to 60), the timetable might look like this:

09.00 – 09.20: (optional) Whole-school assembly, where your visitor will introduce the day…

09.20 – 10.00: Year 1 stay in the hall for their workshop …

10.00 – 10.40: Year 2 come to the hall for their workshop …

10.40 – 11.20: Year 3 come to the hall for their workshop …

11.20 – 11.50: One Reception class have a visit, in their own setting …


1.00 – 1.30: The other Reception class have a visit, in their own setting …

1.30 – 2.10: Year 4 come to the hall for their workshop …

2.10 – 2.50: Year 5 come to the hall for their workshop …

2.50 – 3.30: Year 6 come to the hall for their workshop.


Are there any technical requirements?

Your visitor will need access to a laptop/ screen/projector set up in the working space.

Can we dress up as Pirates?

Yes! lots of schools we work with choose to dress up to really get into the theme of the day. 

Are there any other Pirate-themed workshop?

Yes! if you've already enjoyed our Purposeful Writing With Pirates workshop, then you might want to consider The Pirate's Challenge, The Captain's Conundrum, Captain Morgan and the Maths Monster or our Space Pirate's workshop! 

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