Given the public health situation, we have spent some time creating digital versions of some of our most popular character-led programmes; allowing teachers to deliver them themselves, without us ever needing to set foot in your school. Each one comes complete with full instructions for teachers, opening and closing films, “flagship” activities for each year group from Reception to Year 6 / P1 - P7 and supporting and thematic literacy and maths resources. If all the activities are used, each package offers more than two hours of activity for every class in the school, so they represent amazing value for money! Furthermore,  in the event that schools are forced to remain closed on World Book Day, your pupils can still take part in the activity. Along with details of how to deliver it in class, there are full instructions for how it can be shared by children learning at home. The packages are … 

Bookman and the World of Stories

Bryan Bukman is a contented librarian who, with the help of his friend Betty, can transform himself into homemade superhero Bookman – with the power to bring stories to life! Unfortunately, though, there’s just one blot on the landscape … The village grump, hates anything that sparks people’s imaginations – and that includes books! He’s managed to wipe Bookman’s memory clean of all the stories he knew and loved – which is causing no end of trouble. Bookman needs the children to help him begin rebuilding his memory … and regain his superpower!


Paige Turner and the Book Campaign

Paige Turner is happy-go-lucky bookshop owner with a real passion for books and stories! She believes absolutely in their power to improve our lives! However she has a problem … Her neighbour, Noah Magination, doesn’t want children to have imaginations because he thinks children should never have any fun. And he’s gone so far as to set up a campaign to ban books and stories in schools. Paige knows she just needs to remind him how wonderful the characters in books are – but she can only do this with the children’s support!


Polly the Poet 

Polly the Poet firmly believes that everyone has poetry in them – and she sees poetry everywhere in everything! So she’s made it her mission in life to help other people find their inner poets too. Polly’s enthusiasm for poetry isn’t shared by her neighbour, though, who doesn’t get it at all, grumping that “The world is there to be seen – what’s the point in adding to it all with words?” She wants to prove him wrong – and is sure that the children will be able to help her write poems that bring what we can see to life.  She teaches the children the chorus of her poem – then sets out the main points of the challenge.  


Streaming Shakespeare 

Given the extraordinary circumstances in which we’re all living, our Shakespeare Week programmes will this year also be available as live, streamed workshops, making sure that pupils can still learn about and enjoy Shakespeare’s plays – even in this “winter of discontent”! Offering a uniquely “actor’s eye view”,  the approaches adopted in Streaming Shakespeare work with any of the texts, exploring a play’s backstory, key themes and principal players – and introducing pupils to a framework and technique for writing poems about their favourite characters!


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