The Electric City 

The Electric City brings electricity to life through a mix of drama, games and metaphor. It is available as both a stand-alone workshop and as a whole-school Big Science Day.

Big Science Day

A Big Science Day can accommodate up-to the whole of a two-form entry school in one day. Following an opening assembly, one year group at a time takes part in their own workshop on a science topic of their choice!  

Science Skills

Creating a “buzz” about Science Investigation – through drama!

The Connection

The Connection places science, engineering and technology firmly in context by exploring the lives, achievements and legacies of individuals whose inventions and discoveries have affected all our lives! A highly engaging, thought provoking and informative whole-school programme.     “The children enjoyed the workshops across all year groups. The feedback from children and … Read More

Time for Science

Discovering the crucial role that time plays in scientific comprehension, Time for Science highlights the importance of time in a variety of scientific disciplines, each chosen to complement areas that each primary year group will investigate throughout this school year.   “I just wanted to say another huge thank you! The children really enjoyed … Read More

Innovation and Beyond

An exciting and engaging way to explore Seven Innovations That Have Changed the World – and some lesser sung heroes of innovation.

Combatting Climate Change By Growing for Gold!

Growing for Gold, taps into the innate understanding children have of the peril that Planet Earth is in by exploring how we can all take steps to “grow” gold standard strategies designed to combat climate change.”Children gained a notion of Science ideas outside their typical science lessons. It prompted our children to take a responsibility … Read More

A Visit from Bookman

The world’s newest superhero, Bookman has the extraordinary power of bringing stories to life – and he’ll fly into your school all set to help your pupils in doing the same

The Extraordinary Adventures of Fillolog!

Whatever book our friend Vistie was reading as a little girl (and she read a lot of them!), it always featured Fillolog, an extraordinary creature with an extraordinary appetite for stories.

The Character Hunt

The great characters of fiction leap off the pages of the books they inhabit and into our imaginations because their authors have taken the trouble to breathe life into them, creating fully rounded beings. And now your pupils will get the chance to do that too, in The Character Hunt!

Paige Turner’s Fiction Mission

If the characters in our favourite stories only come to life when their tales are read, what would become of them if Mr Noah Magination got his way and had all books banned?   Today, we were delighted to host As Creatives. Our whole-school assembly delved into different types of characters within a story. Followed … Read More