Specifically designed to interest all children and young people in science, this exciting and engaging workshop cements pupils’ understanding by harnessing a metaphor involving animals to illustrate our set of six Science Skills. Except that it’s the pupils who provide the illustrations – and in a robustly physical way, as we use drama techniques to creatively explore exactly what skills a scientist needs!

Science Skills Programmes from as creatives


And if that wasn’t enough, Science Skills presents you with a unique opportunity to enjoy a whole-school experience at an affordable price. Each workshop can be delivered to up to 60 pupils at a time, allowing us to work with every class in a one or two-form entry school in a single day – and every pupil in three or four-form schools like Barham (London) and Summerhill (West Midlands) in just two days!

“The Science Skills workshops have helped support me with my mission to promote working scientifically and develop a love of science in the school. Thank you!” (Science Co-ordinator, Bursted Wood Primary)

There’s more, too – because, where time allows, we’re also able to build in a second drama activity that crystalises key points of the science topics that children are currently exploring. So while EYFS and KS1 at Headley Park (Bristol) took a fresh look at “Living Things”, Year 3 got their teeth into “Healthy Eating”, Year 5 journeyed through “Life Cycles” and Years 4 and 6 were switched on by “Electricity”!

“We really enjoyed the workshops - staff felt they gained a great deal from the day, as well as the children. And we have arranged for our class names next year to be linked with the animals/sills from the workshop e.g. Excellent Elephants for Year 4 (Great Listening Skills) and Dazzling Dolphins for Year 1 (Great Communicators)!” (Science Co-ordinator, St Edward’s Primary)

Primary schools who have enjoyed Science Skills include …

  • Barham (London)
  • Bursted Wood (Kent)
  • Dartford (Kent)
  • Headley Park (Bristol)
  • Kings Norton (Birmingham)
  • Scorton (Lancashire)
  • St Edward’s (Kent)
  • St Matthias (London)
  • Summerhill (West Midlands)

Get in touch:

To find out more or to book a Science Skills workshop please contact us on 0151 708 8886, or email; Jackson Kavanagh, Director of Programmes at j.kavanagh@ascreatives.com