Poetry in Sight

Our poetry writing workshops encourage pupils to play with words and rhythms while working to the restrictions imposed by different poetic forms.  

Thinking Back, Looking Forward

Specially developed to promote conversations and laughter around learning (in the past, the present and the future), skills and values. 

Bags of Confidence

Specially developed to promote conversations and laughter around learning (in the past, the present and the future), skills and values. 

Memory Lane

Your Year 6 pupils will surprise themselves as they work with us to realise just how much they’ve learnt since they’ve been at your primary school, just how many people they’ve met – and just how many places they’ve been to (both literally and metaphorically!). 

Soundscape Poetry

Those pupils who said they don’t like poetry will be writing furiously at the end of this magical workshop.    “The Year 2s were absolutely enthralled by the workshop! Jackson was amazing at catching and maintaining the attention of children with a variety of needs and encouraging within them a true love of words. All … Read More

CSI: Rollercoaster

How do different forces operate – and what do they actually do? “The main reason for the workshop was to engage the students and hopefully to develop more of an interest in science. The students definitely did this!” Head of Science, Notre Dame Catholic College

Journeys into Space

It’s more than fifty years since the first humans walked on the moon – and Journeys into Space allows up to 420 pupils to celebrate this extraordinary milestone in a single day!  “Can I just thank you all for the lovely sessions yesterday. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed them, and are still talking about it today! … Read More

CSI: Maths

A series of challenging mysteries to engage your students and get them thinking logically    

Innovation and Beyond

An exciting and engaging way to explore Seven Innovations That Have Changed the World – and some lesser sung heroes of innovation.

CSI: Reading Skills

Pupils who tell us they don’t like “reading” are always amazed when they realise quite how much skillful reading they’ve accomplished by the end of this fun and busy workshop.     “Thanks to As Creatives for a great CSI Reading Skills workshop today. We used lots of reading skills and did lots of problem … Read More

Spotlight on Shakespeare

Over four hundred years since his death, Shakespeare’s poetry is still being read, performed and listened to all over the world – which says something for its power and beauty.   “We had a fantastic day taking part in our Tempest workshop with Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and As Creatives. Our children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions … Read More

The Trading Game

A high energy activity that challenges students’ understanding of shape, probes concepts of “value” and asks them to cope with the unexpected! https://youtu.be/ISzIhIeMrGI?si=tKhHUOIEJgN2u4fv   “1st year and 2nd year KTCS students were buzzing this week after a fantastic two day Maths workshop called The Trading Game. Thanks to As Creatives for facilitating such a high … Read More