A high energy activity that challenges students’ understanding of shape, probes concepts of “value” and asks them to cope with the unexpected!

Workshop Description

The Trading Game provides students with opportunities to think about maths in some very different ways. Working in an ever-shifting environment, they’ll come to understand that “value” can be a concept that changes depending on circumstances, that the ability to prioritise is an essential mathematical skill, and that the properties of 2D shapes allow them to be arranged in a variety of ways.

And while the Game has its own intrinsic merit, of course, its greater value lies in the follow-up – where students are facilitated through a process allowing them to identify and categorise the skills they have had to use.

Fast, furious and fantastically engaging, The Trading Game workshop can accommodate up to 60 pupils at a time and can last anything from an hour to half a day. It exisits in a range of age-differentiated formats.

Exploring: tessellation, changing values, problem-solving.

“All who witnessed the level of buzz and atmosphere in the room were simply blown away by the engagement of students, the high energy environment and delighted in watching students find clever and innovative approaches... A superb day was had by all.” Altwood Church of England School

“We completed a student voice survey at the end of the day and I am pleased to say that the outcome showed that your activity was the favourite. Activity was delivered in an excellent manner showing a clear passion which enthused the pupils.” Sir John Nelthorpe School

Up to 5 x 1-hour workshops a day
60 students per workshop
Classroom based


What is the format of the day?

We will work with you to plan the perfect day of activity to suit your requirements. We can be completely flexible to fit around your school timetable or a plan an off-timetable day. You might opt to have this workshop repeated several times for different groups, or to have a selection of complimentary workshops for the same group - or a mix of the two. 


Are there any technical requirements?

Your visitor will need access to a laptop/ screen/projector in each working space, so that students can view the supporting PowerPoint.


How many students can take part?

This workshop can accommodate up-to 60 students at a time, in sessions lasting as little an one hour, meaning it is usually possible to have up-to 300 students take part over the course of one day.

Is this workshop available as part of a Big Maths Day?

Yes, The Trading Game is perfect for Big Maths Days, which can accommodate a whole year group in a whole day of exciting and engaging maths activity! https://www.ascreatives.com/workshop/big-maths-day/

What space is required for this workshop?

The Trading Game is a very active and busy workshop. Students will usually work in teams of three or four, at tables (small exam tables are fine).

For groups of up-to 30, it can take place in the classroom. For groups of between 30-60 the hall or a similarly large open space is required. 

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