A challenging mystery to engage your students with chemistry! 

Workshop Description

One of the deadliest stable chemical elements, arsenic was also one of the first to be discovered - way back in 1250. But it's the structure of the Periodic Table itself that students will need to unmask the killer of one of Britain's brightest scientists. They’ll take part in a number of activities exploring the properties of particular elements or elemental families, each releasing a chemistry-related clue eliminating one of the possible criminals. Once they’re agreed on a name, they’ll have one final hurdle to overcome – to use all the evidence they’ve gleaned in determining exactly how the Professor was killed …

Exploring: history and structure of the Periodic Table, atomic structure, properties of elements and elemental families, valencies and bonding.

Duration: 1 - 2 lessons – half a day (depending on how many classes).

KS2-KS3 / P4-P7
1½ hours – half a day (depending on how many classes)
30 pupils per workshop
School Hall


How many pupils can take part?

CSI: Forces can accommodate up-to 30 pupils per workshop. 

What is the format of the day?

Workshops last for 1½ hours – half a day (depending on how many classes). A timetable might look something like this:

9.00 -10.45: Session 1

10.30 – 12.15: Session 2


1.15 – 3.00: Session 3

Are there any technical requirements?

Each working space needs to be equipped with laptop/screen/projector, so students can view the supporting PowerPoint throughout.


Where will the workshops take place?

These workshops can take place in a classroom or the school hall.

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