The Olympic Games are set to return this year, as sportspeople from all across the world gather to compete in Paris. However, a troubling case of sabotage has emerged and the velodrome is under scrutiny in The Case of the Criminal Cyclists!

It’ll be your pupils’ task to crack the case, using a whole range of mathematical skills (including, at Years 5 and 6 / P6-P7, algebraic thinking) in workshops differentiated from Nursery to Year 6 / P1 - P7.

Exploring (EYFS/KS1): addition, subtraction, doubling, halving, 2D shapes, elimination, problem-solving. 

Exploring (KS2): sorting, sequencing, elimination, additive reasoning, multiplicative reasoning, number patterns, fractions, percentages, 2D and 3D shapes, measurement and units of measurement, collecting and interpreting data, positional language, time, problem-solving – and, at Years 5 & 6, algebraic thinking. 

CSI: Olympics Maths day is a part of our popular CSI: Maths collection, featuring:

  • CSI: Michaela Maths (KS2 / P6-P7)
  • CSI: Bake-Off (KS2 - KS4 / P4 - S5)
  • CSI: Tunes (KS2 / P5 - P7) up to eight classes in a day.
  • CSI: Ancient Greek Maths (KS2 / P6 - P7)
  • CSI: Saxon Maths (Years 3 - 6 / P4 - P7)
  • CSI: Rollercoaster
  • CSI: Forces
  • CSI: Reading Skills

"The students really enjoyed the workshops. They got a sense of wonder and excitement built around maths but also linking in a cross curricular way to literacy and stories they knew well. The workshops were well pitched for the year groups and Jackson delivered them really well engaging all the classes through excellent storytelling. All children were able to feel included and successful and have fun." Minster Infants