A Visit from Florence Nightingale opens with an assembly for participating year groups, followed by workshops for a class at a time. Using  a range of age appropriate, drama-based techniques, Florence will help pupils learn about her life, times and achievements, her differences with Mary Seacole and the debts modern-day health care owes them both. She’ll answer their questions (we’ll provide you with a structure to  generate some of these in advance) – and leave each child with a beautifully designed Timeline to complete. Perfect for Florence Nightingale day on the 12th May or anytime throughout the school year! 


"Ten out of ten! I was taken aback by just how good the Time Travel Theatre actors were – and by the impacts the workshops had on the pupils!” History Co-ordinator, Christ Church Primary

Suitable For: up to 30 pupils per workshop, EYFS, KS1, KS2 / P1 - P7

Exploring: Florence’s life, career and contribution to healthcare; Victorian society; the Crimean War; Mary Seacole’s contribution to healthcare.

Duration: 1 hour + per workshop (depending on how many classes are participating).

Including larger than life, interactive performances, open-ended workshops and more intimate classroom-based sessions, including The Brilliant Britons, Time Travel Theatre, Time Travel Tourists and Historical Maths.

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