British Science Week provides the perfect opportunity to create a science “buzz” around the school and ignite a passion for all things scientific. And every year, we devise a whole-school programme specifically tied in to the given theme - allowing every class to join a shared experience, in age-differentiated ways. British Science Week will take place during the 8-17 March 2024. 

The Connection

"Children gained a notion of Science ideas outside their typical science lessons. It prompted our children to take a responsibility for saving their planet.  The entire process was a breeze. I was so happy that the timetabling of the day was provided for us from As Creatives as opposed to having to organise this ourselves. Th staff were very prepared and professional. We will definitely book again!" Growing for Gold Workshop, Childwall CE Primary School


"All children thoroughly enjoyed the workshops. I had several teachers contact me in the evening to say how engaged the children were with their sessions and how each class had a great time. The students became aware of how everyday objects have been created and how that has impacted the world. They were made aware of Scientists that haven't always always had the recognition they deserved as well as some more known ones. Thank you. We will look into booking in the future." Lambourne Primary

The Connection - In-person workshops

The Connection - Science Teaching Resource

The Connection places science, engineering and technology firmly in context by exploring the lives, achievements and legacies of individuals whose inventions and discoveries have affected all our lives! A highly engaging, thought provoking and informative whole-school programme, The Connection can accommodate the whole of up to a two-form entry school in a single day, compromising …

An interactive assembly, Connections and Causality - showing how the Stone Age discovery of ways of making and manipulating fire led to a whole series of scientific “moments” across the ages, culminating in the projected missions to send humans to Mars!

Workshops (one per year group), looking at the work of a particular scientist/technologist/engineer - and the connections between their work and everyday life. There is a deliberate and conscious focus on diversity - and clear connections, too, to science strands that each year group will be exploring at some point in the year!

EYFS/P1 (Exploring the World): Elijah McCoy, who changed the railways for ever, making possible the long journeys that make the world today a little smaller!

Year 1/P2: (Materials): Lyda Newman, who patented the first modern-day hairbrush by moving away from animal fibres and towards purpose-centred approaches.

Year 2/P3: (Living Things and their Habitats): Charles Henry Turner, and his work on ways in which termite colonies respond individually and collectively to changes in their environments.

Year 3/P4: (Forces): Sarah Goode, whose understanding of the ways in which different forces act was behind her invention of the world’s first fold-up bed!

Year 4/P5: (Animals, including Humans): Marie Curie, the double-Nobel winner whose work with radioactivity expanded our knowledge and understanding of the structure of the human body.

Year 5/P6: (Space): Katherine Johnson, whose groundbreaking work leading a team of NASA computer programmers allowed the Apollo missions to land humans on the moon.

Year 6/P7: (Circulatory System): Charles Richard Drew, whose early attempts to study at medical school were thwarted by racist authorities – but who went on to save millions of loves by revolutionising how we collect, store, transport and use blood products.

Every school booking The Connection will also receive a link to a package of downloadable follow-up resources.

"A huge thank you for visiting us and delivering curriculum based workshops. It was great to see how excited the children were about science and how much they wanted to share and discuss this. They really enjoyed the experiences and gained lots of knowledge about the specific scientists." Forest Lodge Primary School


The Connection -  Teaching Resource Package 

You can choose to download The Connection teaching resource package from

The pack will see your children meeting Bridget Links (Bridge for short) (our self-styled Connections Collector) as she shares some of the STEM connections she has discovered.

The pack comprises:Films telling the stories, and the science behind the stories, of each year group’s designated scientist/technologist/engineer (together with instructions and worksheets for follow-up activities). Connection Conundrums – quickfire challenges designed to whet your pupils’ creativity.Full instructions for teachers.Instructions and worksheets for follow-up literacy activities – one per year group from Nursery to Year 6 / P1 - P7

"One of the best elements of the day was that As Creatives were happy to cater for every year group, including Reception. Each workshop was tailor-made for specific ages so that the whole school was reached and could access the activities. Learning about Scientists and Inventors through Drama meant that this important part of the curriculum was delivered in an engaging way - a part of the curriculum that can sometimes be a little dry. I liked the focus on smashing stereotypes - part of the theme of Science Week and really great for our children to find out about a diverse range of pioneers in Science." Burnt Oak Primary School



Combatting Climate Change by Growing for Gold

This whole school programme taps into the innate understanding children have of the peril that Planet Earth is in by exploring how we can all take steps to “grow” gold standard strategies designed to combat climate change. After a whole-school assembly looking at what climate change is, what it does and where it comes from, each year group will tackle its own question in a drama-based workshop – with a “virtual” Gold Medal going to the group with the best response!

EYFS/P1:  What can we do at home to help save Planet Earth?

Year 1/P2: How can what we wear help save Planet Earth?

Year 2/P3: How can the way we travel help save Planet Earth?

Year 3/P3: How can what we buy help combat climate change?

Year 4/P5: How can what we eat help combat climate change?

Year 5/P6: How can recycling help combat climate change?

Year 6/P7: How can we persuade the world to combat climate change?


Download our Combatting Climate Change: Growing for Gold teaching pack here


"I would like to thank Ady again for delivering the workshops. His own enthusiasm for science shone through from the start to the end of day.  The fact that the lessons were active and fun enabled the children to learn in a more physical way than that of the normal classroom based teaching of science. This has given some of the teachers ideas for their own way of teaching science for future lessons. I would definitely recommend As Creatives to fellow teachers." Heath Fields Primary

Families Event: Innovating to Save the Planet! (add on session)

If we’re serious about saving planet Earth, it’s becoming more and more obvious that everyone, not just governments and big business, need to take innovative approaches to our daily lives. So, coming at the end of a day of workshops with pupils (and following an opportunity for children to share some of their learning with their parents/carers), this engaging workshop manages to both take a light hearted look at some of the challenges that face the planet and support families in identifying real changes they can make. And by the end of the afternoon, you’ll have your very own school Planetary Innovation Pledges! This unique workshop provides a great way of boosting family engagement – and booking it at the end of a day of our workshops with pupils will allow you to get it all for a fraction of the usual price!


"The children thoroughly enjoyed the workshops. After the assembly, they couldn't wait for their turn to have a workshop. When they came out of the workshop they were animated and happy and curious to learn more. The children learnt more about scientists they had never heard about. They gained a sense of curiosity as well as knwoledge. The only feedback is that we wished the workshops could have been longer as they were so good! Jackson was amazing and we will definietly be booking again next year!" St Clements Primary School 


Whole School Science Resource Packages to download 

You can choose to purchase and download the following Science Teaching Resource packages over at

Growing for Gold - Combatting Climate Change: Growing for Gold has been designed to support pupils of all ages in “growing” gold standard responses to the climate change crisis.

Innovation and Beyond– this comprises thematic, PowerPoint-based STEM quizzes for every year group from Reception to Year 6/ P1 to P7) - together with linked and age-differentiated maths and literacy activities, all brought together with opening and closing films!

The Engineering Trail– with opening and closing films and featuring engineering challenges using resources available in any school setting, differentiated into three age ranges: EYFS and KS1/P1 – P3 … Years 3 and 4/P4 and P5 … and Years 5 and 6/P6 and P7.

Family Science - Top Tips for Saving the Planet (add-on activity) – complete with an introductory film and offering the whole family opportunities to both uncover the science we all use in our everyday lives and think about easy ways that we can all contribute to protecting Planet Earth.

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