Personification Poetry

What if Stonehenge could tell us all it has seen over the millennia – and all it has heard, too? What if your school gates could share with us all the comings and goings they have seen for years? And what about that well-thumbed book on the library shelf? This highly imaginative and interactive workshop … Read More

The Poetry of Shakespeare

With many of Shakespeare’s characters, it’s definitely not a case of “what you see is what you get”. So this engaging activity puts them centre stage by bringing out both the visible and the invisible. Macbeth plays the role of the loyal subject – but inside he’s a mass of seething ambition.

Introducing Shakespeare

Introducing Shakespeare is a fantastic (and very energetic!) way to engage your students in the playwright, his life and works – and prepare them for their studies to come.   “Thank you for the Introducing Shakespeare workshops. We all enjoyed them so much and it was a pleasure to watch you in action. Can we … Read More

Spotlight on Shakespeare

Over four hundred years since his death, Shakespeare’s poetry is still being read, performed and listened to all over the world – which says something for its power and beauty.   “We had a fantastic day taking part in our Tempest workshop with Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and As Creatives. Our children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions … Read More

The Play’s The Thing

Our Shakespeare programmes prove popular and successful both nationally and internationally – and we’ve been lucky enough to partner with The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, the brains behind Shakespeare Week for the last 8 years. Our programmes work with any of the plays in the canon – and can normally be accomplished in as little as … Read More

Shakespeare for GCSE and A Level / S4 – S6

It’s unlikely that any of Shakespeare’s actors ever saw full copies of the plays they appeared in, instead using “cue cards” for rehearsals. And this challenging workshop builds on that theatre history.     “The staff loved watching students who they typically define as disinterested getting more engaged in the ‘human sculptures’ activities than they … Read More

Ways into Shakespeare (Teacher CPD workshop / INSET Day)

Our hands-on workshop gives you the chance to experience a range of Shakespeare activities that both link in perfectly with Shakespeare in the curriculum and extend horizons. All of the activities are designed to enrich your students’ understanding of character, language, narrative and text. None of them require any resources – and they’ll all work, … Read More