Creative CPD and INSETs

Creative CPD and INSETs

A school’s best and most valuable resource is of course, its staff. But there are times when everyone can benefit
British International Schools

Aloha College – Teacher CPD

Marbella's Aloha College are taking an exciting and progressive approach to CPD - not least by establishing cross-curricular collaborative working
Streamed Maths Workshops for Secondary Schools

Maths Workshops for Secondary Schools – In-Person and Live Streamed Workshop Options

"One of the best STEM Events that I have ever booked. The students found the workshops extremely interesting, engaging and
Teacher CPD

Teacher Training Courses and Universities

We have been providing high quality, creative and experiential learning programmes for trainee and newly qualified teachers since 2010. As

Case Study: Team Building and Problem Solving: A Unique Approach to CPD

We know that teaching can be murder sometimes, but our unique Murder Mystery INSETs have an amazing track record in
Learning Outside the Classroom CPD

Learning Outside the Classroom INSET

The value of Learning Outside the Classroom, and the positive impacts it can have on teaching and learning, is supported