We're really excited to be taking part in this year's Camp Bestival, Dorest! - we'll be based in the Science Tent, delivering drama-based, engaging, creative science workshops, which explore the world we all live in!

Participants will take a trip through the Universe as we search for life and celebrate the unique and fragile nature of Planet Earth. They'll then transform themselves into human sculptures as we explore some of the animals living in both the rain forests and mountainous regions, and how they’re adapted to such diverse environments. And will join us all in asking the question: how can we protect these amazing beasts and their habitats? 

We hope to see you there!

Find out more about Camp Bestival at https://dorset.campbestival.net/

Find out more about our workshops at Camp Bestival at https://dorset.campbestival.net/line-up/attractions-activities/what-a-wonderful-world