London History Day is an annual celebration of the capital's extraordinary history and heritage, launched by Historic England in 2017. London History Day takes place every year on 31 May - the day Big Ben first started keeping time.

London through History School Workshops

The ideal way to celebrate London History Day, London History – Through Drama can accommodate the whole of up to a two-form entry school in a single day in an exploration of more than 2,500 years of London history. Specially developed to support children’s understanding of the important part London has played, continues to play and will always play in history, a day comprises …

An interactive assembly, bringing to life what London ‘is” – and why the city is so important, both nationally and internationally.

Workshops (one per year group), using age-appropriate, drama-based activities to explore different aspects of London’s history:

  • EYFS: Transport for Londoners … how have the ways Londoners get about their city changed over the centuries?
  • Year 1: The Great Fire of London … who or what caused it, how did it spread – and how did it shape London’s future?
  • Year 2: Victorian London … how did the Victorians change the way London looked – and the ways Londoners spend their free time?
  • Year 3: Iron Age London … what can the Iron Age Hill Camps of Epping Forest tell us about London in the days before the city even got its name?
  • Year 4: Rebellion against the Romans … why did the Battle of Londinium give such hope to Boudica’s band of rebellious Britons – and how did it all turn out?
  • Year 5: Shakespeare’s London … how did Shakespeare change life in London – and what was his relationship with the Tudor court?
  • Year 6: London Strikes Back – the Battle of Cable Street … how did London’s diverse population rise to the challenge of the pre-war fascists – and what were the lasting impacts?


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