It’s well known that there’s a clear connection between achievement and attainment in maths and parental support. So our Family Maths workshops are designed to provide a fun environment in which parents/carers can work with their children in exploring why maths is important, what maths means in the 21st century – and how easy it is to find everyday opportunities to indulge in mathematical challenges.

Taking a highly experiential approach, our highly immersive Family Maths workshops uncover the meaning and importance of the three keystones of the National Curriculum: fluency, reasoning and problem solving. They allow parents/carers to appreciate the joy of working alongside their children – and give the children opportunities to teach their families some of the mathematical strategies that they employ in school.

At Park Grove Primary school in Antrim, Northern Ireland, parents relished the chance to learn from their children, reflecting on the fact that Maths had “moved on” since they were at school themselves. At South Grove Primary school in Walthamstow (in a programme funded by the Mayor of London), parents gave up part of their Saturday to both take part in an Outdoor Maths Trail and design new activities that would live on long after their children had left the school.  

A packed Family Maths event at Kington School in Wales saw parents delighted to discover exactly what “fluency”, “reasoning” and “problem solving” mean – while a forthcoming session at Glebefields Primary, Wolverhampton, will allow parents to meet the school’s new Pupil Maths Ambassadors (after the Ambassadors have spent the afternoon in a training session with us).

Family Maths workshops are available all year round – and you can book your session for any day of the week (including weekends). There’s a substantial discount, though, if your session comes at the end of a day of workshops with your pupils.   

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