Children’s Book Week is the annual celebration of books for young people and the joy of reading. Established in 1919, Children’s Book Week is the longest-running national literacy initiative in the country. Every year, commemorative events are held nationwide at schools, libraries, bookstores, homes, wherever young readers and books connect!

If you are looking for ways to celebrate a love of reading in your school then why not take a look at our range of literacy workshops for primary and secondary schools.


Drawing Out Characters

Focusing on humour in stories and illustrations, this session will see pupils exploring such themes as … What makes a funny and memorable character? … How can this character be brought to life through illustration? … And how can page design help to tell a story?

“The children really enjoyed the workshops. Well delivered and hopefully it will encourage staff to plan more speaking and listening drama activities. It was a great way to start our Book Week activities and inspired the children. Would definitely like to have them back into school next year!” (Deputy Headteacher/Literacy Coordinator, Swallownest Primary School)

The children used their creativity in different ways, they used collaboration and team work , all skills that we highly value at Thomas’s. I thought the approach of the assembly was gentle and provoking curiosity and was at the right level for the children. The sessions were perfectly timed and the children were kept busy all the time, there was no time when they weren’t engaged. All in all a very successful day and the teachers loved what the children were doing as well. Look forward to working with you again.” (Literacy Co-ordinator, Thomas Day School, Clapham)


Jigsaw Stories 

How well do pupils know well-loved tales? Having pieced together the key moments of given story in the correct order, small groups then dramatise scenes, culminating in a whole-class retelling of the tale.

Boxes of Stories 

After being challenged to identify six narrative landmarks in some of their favourite stories, pupils are supported in depicting each one through illustration. These are then used to decorate the six sides of a cardboard cube, which can create a wonderful display when hung from the ceiling.

Newsprint Puppets

Turning storybook characters into puppets encourages pupils to reflect on everything they know about their chosen person and carefully consider how they can represent that in physical form. This workshop goes one step further because all they have to use is newspaper. So, their resourcefulness will be tested as they decide how to capture the essence of their chosen character with only the resources provided.



Across Keys Stages 1 and 2, these programmes offers pupils structured opportunities to:

  • Record from experience and imagination, selecting and recording from first-hand observation and exploring ideas for different purposes (Art);
  • Apply their experience of materials and processes, including drawing, developing their control of tools and techniques (Art);
  • Broaden their vocabulary and use it in inventive ways with language and styles that are appropriate to the reader, using features of layout, presentation and organisation effectively (English).


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To find out more information about Children’s Book Week and other useful links to help you plan literacy events for your students please visit the Children’s Book Week website. 

Children's Book Week


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