We're always very excited when schools ask what we can do to challenge their more able students or motivate some of those who are underachieving. Because our programmes for Targeted Progression in Maths can really make a difference.

Murderous Maths

We've now visited Carmarthen's Queen Elizabeth High twice, offering their More Able and Talented KS3 students especially fiendish versions of The Trading Game and CSI: Maths - whilst both William Howard School (Cumbria) and St Mungo's Academy (Glasgow) won grants from the Royal Institution that enabled us to put together programmes for their more able mathematicians. Newchurch Primary, on the other hand, wanted us to develop an extended version of CSI: Maths for gifted and talented KS2 pupils from across the Isle of Wight - and we were more than happy to oblige!

"CSI is a great activity to get kids deep thinking and totally engaged. I would certainly recommend it!" (Curriculum Leader Mathematics, William Howard School)

We've also put together programmes that saw us spending two days with single cohorts of underachieving students in both Highfield Middle School (Northumberland) and Saltash Community School (Cornwall). Modular in approach, these afforded the young people a range of approaches to Maths and a whole variety of experiences - as well, of course, on opportunities to reflect on their relationships with and attitudes to Maths.

"There was an excited atmosphere in the department while the workshops were happening and the buzz throughout the day grew with each group.  What I wanted pupils to achieve was a sense of excitement and enjoyment about maths, and this is what happened. They also gained confidence in their problem solving skills and working together to share their strengths.  All the pupils that participated had an amazing time and I would like to thank Jackson for coming up to Glasgow to deliver this workshop." (Jenny Kenny, Maths Teacher, St Mungo's Academy)

Do you have a cohort in mind for targeted progression in Maths? Then please get in touch - because we'd be delighted to design a programme for you!

"Just to say thank you once again for an excellent two days last week at our Easter school. The children loved the activities and games and got a lot out of it." (Jennifer Richardson, Highfield School)


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To find out more or to book a workshop please contact us on 0151 708 8886, or email Jo stokes, at j.stokes@as-creatives.com.


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