St John Bosco is an Arts specialist college, so it is no surprise that they value arts activities and outcomes. Our geodesic domes are rather impressive both in structure and in size, so one can make a brilliant way to display work done by students, both individually and as a finished collaborative artwork in itself.

When we were asked into school, though, it wasn’t by the art department but by the Science department. Impressed by the science behind the way that the dome’s structure makes it extremely strong and self-supporting, they wanted us to plan an activity that worked for their subject.

Teenage girls are very used to celebrating well-known singers and stars of the screen – Cinema, TV and youtube! So, I wanted to draw their attention to some of the superstar scientists of the past. The people who discovered or invented so many of the things that we take for granted in our every day lives. Having selected a mix of scientists from across centuries, race and gender, I printed off some very plain black and white photos of them. Each pair of students were then allocated one of these and asked to do a small amount of research, to find out what they had given us, what challenges they had faced and, most importantly, what was their legacy.

With this information in mind I asked them to bring their given scientist to life with colour – to give them the wow factor they deserved. These were mounted on to individual triangles along with three chosen words that the students felt best captured that scientist’s achievements.

Once these were clipped together into a series of hexagons and pentagons and ultimately the dome, they had created a wonderful testament to some of the scientific genii who really deserve celebrity status!

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