To kick start the new year we are thrilled to be launching a whole school primary maths programme - The Riddle of the Sphinx! 

Riddle of the Sphinx

Our resident archaeologist, Dr Colorado Smith, has returned from Egypt with some exciting news - he's now collected all the clues required to solve the age old Riddle of the Sphinx - and open the Inner Sanctum in the Valley of the Kings. But as he can't do it by himself, he's on the lookout for schools to help him!

Featuring opening and closing assemblies, workshops and in-class challenges, The Riddle of the Sphinx takes pupils through three stages of mathematical thinking: concrete, pictorial and abstract. And while there's a definite focus on "measurement", the programme covers a whole range of other areas - and can accommodate the whole of a two-form entry school in a single day!

Exploring: measurement, additive and multiplicative reasoning, patterns and sequences, properties of 2D and 3D shapes, money, time, Roman numerals, percentages, problem-solving - selected for each age group in line with National Curriculum objectives.

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