Our popular range of Creative Maths and Science workshop days and teaching resource packages and streamed workshops are a great way to host a STEM day for pupils this summer term!


Primary Maths Workshops

Maths Workshops Primary

All of our maths workshops have been carefully designed to both put into context and actively promote the three keystones of the Curriculum fluency, reasoning and problem solving.

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Maths workshops for secondary schools

Maths Workshops Secondary

Situated in “fictional worlds”, our maths workshops offer opportunities to practise skills with numbers, shapes and concepts in exciting, imaginative and interactive ways.

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Maths Workshops Special Schools

Alongside our work in mainstream education, we have been working with Special Schools since 2008, tailoring workshops to meet the huge range of needs catered for by the sector.

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Science Workshops Primary

Our Science Workshops for schools provide an excellent way of engaging students with science and supporting them in understanding the world (and worlds) around them.

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Science Workshops Secondary

Taking approaches from the world of the arts our inspirational Creative Science Workshops for Secondary Schools are suitable right through Key Stages 3 and 4.

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World Space Week School Workshops

World Space Week

Our World Space Week workshops are an excellent way of engaging students with science and supporting them in understanding our neighbours in the solar system. 

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