Beechwood Primary School has a fabulous suite of Macbooks and access to the iMovie editing application, so the Reception teacher at was keen to explore ways she and her class could take advantage of these facilities.

as creatives suggested a number of ways that using the application could support teaching and learning: as a tool for recording pupil voice, as a reflective tool – recording school activity for internal sharing - and as a tool for sharing and celebrating learning with the wider school community.

Working around the term’s theme of Christmas, the pupils took part in a range of games and activities designed to support them to come up with questions that they would like to ask their Year Six buddies, before filming and editing their responses. They also worked in small groups to devise short plays, which were filmed for them to watch back and constructively critique.

Over the course of eight half-day sessions, as much of the activity as possible was caught on film to provide footage for the pupils to edit. They then added a soundtrack (including a collectively written poem, spoken aloud by the whole class) to create a final celebratory DVD of the project, which could then be shared with families at the Christmas assembly.

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