Children, parents and staff from two secondaries and seven primaries – not to mention a whole host of local organisations – worked with as creatives when we were asked by Knowsley Council to design, deliver and record an innovative community engagement programme related to the first of their flagship Centres for Learning – Christ the King.

Growing Aspirations saw us working with stakeholders to plan, prepare and deliver experiential events in schools, community centres, retirement homes and festivals – all designed to give local people a voice. All those we spoke with recorded their hopes and aspirations on miniature trees. These were represented at an inclusive, innovative and interactive celebration, the “Forest of Dreams” – a magical pathway of 3D trees, each more than two metres high – covered in words and images provided by everyone we had met.

“I haven’t worried about the process at all – a credit to as creatives – you’ve been responsive to everything we’ve wanted throughout the programme!” (Audra Ross, Future Schooling Team, Knowsley)

“Great to see a collaborative partnership and engagement between stakeholders, management, staff, parents, children and the wider community!” Programme Participant)

Other organisations who have commissioned us to plan, prepare and deliver Community Engagement programmes include Find Your Talent, MOWLL, National Museums Liverpool The New and St Helens Council