Every cloud has a silvery lining, they say – so although a delayed flight at Manchester meant that I’d eventually get in to Kuala Lumpur three hours later than planned, it had the advantage of putting me on a direct transfer at Heathrow. And this meant that I no longer had to change at Bangkok – something that, as a newcomer to long haul, had been worrying me for days!

The flight was good, the food was great (I actually quite like aeroplane food) and I managed to get a bit of sleep along the way. Immigration passed off smoothly (despite the guilty face I can’t help adopting in these situations) – and my luggage turned up safe and sound. It took a few minutes to locate my hosts, the Learning Adventure Action Network’s Cordeila and Cassandra Koh, as the only photo they had to go on was the one currently adorning my Facebook page – and on this occasion I wasn’t dressed as Pirate Captain Richard Morgan. But once we’d found each other, it was full steam ahead to Petaling Jaya, one of Kuala Lumpur’s satellite cities. After months of talking via email, it was great to finally meet Cordelia and Cassandra – and they couldn’t have been more welcoming. And it was brilliant to learn, during the hour long drive, that one of the reasons they’d contacted us in the first place was because our website made it clear how passionate we at as creatives are about what we do.

Tomorrow I get to meet the rest of the team – and, of course, the local children and young people I’ll be working with. Who was behind The Attempted Murder of Michaela Maths? After a day of mathematical problem solving, we should be able to answer that question. In the meantime, though, it’s an early night for me. And Cordelia and Cassandra have booked me into a sumptuous hotel. It’s 10.00pm, 32C and very humid – so it’s lucky we’ve got air conditioning …

One World Hotel Malaysia and my new home for the next week
One World Hotel Malaysia and my new home for the next week


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