Villages Housing had approached us with a view to getting the most out of some funding they had received to develop a board game, through which they could promote energy efficiency in the home to their residents.

This was an area they had previously done quite a lot of work on and there already existed a committed group of Energy Champions in Stockbridge Village, Knowsley.

The Energy Game

Working with this fabulous group of residents as well as with a cohort of sixteen children from three of the local Primary Schools, we identified what we wanted the game to achieve, who we wanted to play it and, in response to these decisions, outlines of the rules of play and an idea of how it should look. One key factor agreed upon was that the game should be specific to Stockbridge Village and that the board should be designed around a map of the local area.

The Community Champions were also keen that the game should be accessible to all ages and ability levels. All the ideas generated from across three half-day sessions, facilitated by As Creatives' Jo Stokes, were fed back to our own artist Kate Pankhurst who weaved her magic and turned them into a beautiful, engaging, informative board game: “The Energy Game”!

“It’s fantastic! You took all our ideas away and here they are, as an actual board game.”

Following on from the success of The Energy Game, Villages Housing were able to secure some more funding to produce a leaflet promoting energy efficiency around the home to their residents. Through a process of research around existing energy efficiency leaflets, a cohort of the most promising art students at Christ the King Centre for Learning in Knowsley came up with their own list of do’s and don’ts, in response to which they pinned down their own design brief. A series of fabulous illustrations was then produced by the students to accompany the copy provided by Villages Housing. All of this was then sent on to a professional designer to be turned into the leaflet which will be inserted into Village Housing’s quarterly magazine and delivered to every resident in Stockbridge Village.

“I really enjoyed playing games to help us come up with the ideas”