We love taking part in Also Festival! Taking place in the stunning lake-side setting of Park Farm, Warwickshire within 50 acres of beautiful 'Capability' Brown landscaped grounds, the festival gets audiences involved and engaged in the biggest, boldest and brightest ideas from writers, musicians, academics and experts. For the last three years we have been delivering a host of creative workshops at the festival for children and young people and we can't wait to return this year! 


also festival

Our workshops will include:


Shakespeare for Children

In this 1-hour workshop, kids get to take an interactive look at Shakespeare’s comedy, The Tempest. With its themes of betrayal and revenge (as well as magic of course), it fits in perfectly with this year's ALSO theme: Truth or Dare. 

The Art of Numbers

Numbed by numbers or crazy about calculus? Either way, we promise that maths and fun really do go together. Unbelievable? An hour of fun with numbers? Yes, really! We will play lots of number based games and even the maths haters will find themselves discovering the joy and magic of calculus and algorithm.

Play in a Day (well, 90 minutes)

In this 90-minute session, you get to help create and perform in a Truth or Dare inspired play! We'll develop a plot, learn the script, rehearse and learn the very best in stagecraft so you are ready to perform for friends and family. 

Outdoor Poetry for Kids

How would the Also Festival trees describe their festival experience? Draw inspiration from the stunning surroundings to create richly descriptive poetry, written from the point of view of one of the trees. In this one hour workshop we will help to bring out the poet in even the most reluctant of writers.

Playground Games

Great for Sunday mornings! Truth or Dare is a game that’s been around for a long time but what about some of the other gems that were once known by every kid in the playground? An hour of old-fashioned fun, just for the sake of it. If they dare, parents are welcome to come and share some of the games that they remember from their own pasts too...

Code Breaking

Code breaking! Can you crack it? There is real skill in the ability to read patterns and to unlock a code.  We will challenge all young festival-goers to crack some real toughies as well as inventing unique ones of your own...


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Here are some of the magical Clerihews written by children during one of our poetry workshops! 

Also Festival

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