A great way for pupils to learn and remember some seasonal science - up to fourteen classes in a single day!


Workshop Description

Christmas is one of the most interesting times of year for a scientist - why do holly, mistletoe and fir trees all stay green, for example? How can rain, slush, hail and snow all be made from the same thing? What do the reindeer eat in the depths of winter - and why exactly did Santa choose the North Pole as his headquarters? A whole-day, whole-school programme for up to 420 pupils, The Great Christmas Science Quiz will answer all these questions - and many more! Following a quick and interactive assembly using the Pole Star to tell the story of some of the science of Christmas, classes will take part in a series of high-energy, active quizzes (with not a desk in sight!) designed to both anchor the science they’re learning in an enjoyable context and introduce new content. And the day will end with a celebratory, closing assembly at which the winners of the Christmas Science Quiz will be revealed ...

Exploring (according to age): seasonal aspects of plants, animals (including humans), habitats, rocks, forces, light, sound, electricity, Earth and space, pollution/conservation, weather

Maths, Christmas
EYFS- KS2 - KS4 / P1 - P7 / Junior Infants - 6th Class
1 – 2 hours, depending on how many classes
420 Pupils
School Hall


How many pupils can take part?

The Great Christmas Science Quiz can accommodate up-to 420 pupils over the course of the day.

What is the format of the day?
Are there any technical requirements?

Your visitor will need access to a laptop/ screen/projector set up in the working space.

Where do the workshops take place?

These are active workshops and benefit from a large open space such as the school hall. A large classroom with desks and chairs stowed away as far as possible is fine.

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