Your Team Building Murder Mystery CPD event will be completely unique - because we'll write it especially for you and your school!



CPD Description

Once you've supplied us with thumbnail sketches of all participants, we'll create a host of colourful characters - and a larger than life world for them to inhabit. We'll arrive with scripts featuring speaking parts for everyone - but as events unfold, facilitated by former Commissioner of Scotland Yard Sir Henry Campbell, it will quickly become clear that murder is afoot. And once we've all read through the scripts, packed full with in-jokes, you'll be asked to work in teams to discover the identity of the killer - or killers.

Team Building Murder Mystery CPD Events last around two and a half hours - and can be combined with other elements of our extensive CPD menu to create a highly enjoyable, engaging and productive training day for all!

Murder Mystery
2 hours to a full day
Large Space


How many teachers can take part?

Anywhere from 6 teachers to the whole school staff!

What is the format of the session?


Sessions will be planned to suit the time available and the number of staff taking part. After initial discussion, and once you are ready to book, a timetable of activity will be suggested and you will be given the opportunity to amend this to better suit your requirements.

Are there any technical requirements?

Your visitor will require access to laptop/screen/projector to share the supporting PowerPoint

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