Our Big Outdoor Science Day doesn’t just explore aspects of outdoor science – it takes your pupils outdoors, too! 

Workshop Description

Big Outdoor Science Day can accommodate the whole of up to a two-form entry school in a single day – although it’s equally possible, of course, to run longer, more in depth sessions for specified classes or year groups. And workshops see a member of our team leading the children through a range of age-appropriate, drama-based activities designed to bring to life science strands that the different year groups will be investigating at some point in the year …

EYFS: Whatever the Weather (Seasonal Change)… how does the weather change with the seasons? And how do we humans respond?

Year 1: A Matter of Life and Death (Living Things and Their Habitats) … how can we tell if something is living or dead – or has never been alive? What difference does this make to the way we think about things?

Year 2: From Tiny Acorns (Plants) … what stages does a plant go through as it grows from a seed or bulb to maturity? And how do its needs change along the way?

Year 3: Beyond a Shadow of Doubt (Light) … Where does natural light come from? How does it interact with solid bodies to form shadows? And how can these help us judge the passage of time?

Year 4: A Chain of Events (Animals, Including Humans) … if your school grounds were a savannah, what would a food chain look like? And where might an acacia tree, a meerkat and a vulture end up in it?

Year 5: Forces of Nature (Forces) … How are the “invisible” forces of gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction made “visible” in the outdoor world? And how do some living things take advantage of them?

Year 6: The Classification Tree (Classification) … how can a mighty oak tree act as a metaphor for Carl Linnaeus’s system of classifying living things? And how can this help our understanding of evolution?

With everything achieved through immersive approaches, including drama- based activities and games, there are no props, experiments. And the only visual prompts are those provided by the outdoor world itself!


Science, LOTC
EYFS-KS2 / P1 - P7
30mins - 2hrs
Up-to 420 pupils per day
Your outdoor space!


How many pupils can take part?

Up to 420 pupils over the course of the day. 

What is the format of the day?
The day involves outdoor based workshops, each one accommodating up to 30 pupils at a time. We will plan a timetable to suit your requirements, based on the number of classes you would like to take part. Your visitor will set up outside, with classes attending workshops in turn.


Are there any technical requirements?

There are no technical requirements

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