We worked with GTP trainees to explore key aspects of the 14-19 reforms and their implications for teaching and learning. During a two day programme trainee teachers explored creative and innovative approaches to planning and delivering the diplomas.

Trainee teachers worked individually, in pairs, in small groups and in large groups in being introduced to the following key themes:

  • Concepts of Creativity: What does it mean in practice? and how can I recognise my own creativity?
  • Teaching and Learning for Creativity: How can I recognise creativity in my learners? and how can I use space in creative ways?
  • Skills, Capabilities and Competencies: How can the QCA “Big Picture” support learning?
  • Facilitation and Project Management: How can I best facilitate experiential learning? and how can relationships with external partners be forged in meaningful and productive ways?

“The interactive approach has been brilliant. Today has been the most interesting training session I have attended with STTORMM” (trainee teacher)

Reviews conducted at the end of the programme concluded that all the programme’s aims and objectives had been met – and that the approach, content and tone had successfully modelled excellent practice in teaching and learning.

 “as creatives’ use of PLTS language throughout made the delivery and modelling seem effortless ...the pace and variety of activities and exercises kept participants fully engaged throughout”  (Senior Lecturer)


  • 100% of respondents indicated that they had successfully explored creative and innovative approaches to planning and delivering the diplomas.
  • 95% of participants felt that they would adapt and/or transfer the range of techniques, models and strategies that were modelled across the programme.
  • 90% of participants felt that they had deepened their understanding of the teacher’s role as a facilitator and project manager of learning (5% feeling they already had a good grounding in this  area).

“This has been one of the most valuable exercises on the PGCE course. I think it will be useful to all PGCE students. I will use many of the ideas during lessons” (trainee teacher)


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