There are lots of ways of using this resource to support your pupils in learning about the debt modern day Christmases owe to the Victorians.  Download the instruction sheet for some ideas....

Download Instructions for EYFS / KS1 - P1 - P3

Download Instructions for KS2 / P4 - P7

Download the Victorian Christmas Fact Sheet (all age groups)

Download the Record Sheet (KS2 / P4 - P7 only)


School Christmas Workshops

We know that schools want their pupils to enjoy the festive season – but also to keep learning going right through to the end of the autumn term. Which is why our range of cross-curricular, School Christmas workshops always proves so popular! Once again, we’ve got workshops with a seasonal take on numeracy, literacy, science and history – with something for EYFS, KS1 and KS2 - P1 - P7! 

View our Christmas Workshops here!

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